King John is back on CBBC!

If you missed the first episode of the new series, then don’t worry because it’s it back at 17:30 today on BBC, and if you miss it then you catch up on CBBC iPlayer!

“Horrible Histories returns for a special about King John and Magna Carta, starring Ben Miller. John annoys the Barons and agrees Magna Carta at Runnymede, after a banging rap battle. Meanwhile across the world we meet the formidable Genghis Khan in Mongolia, and catch up with the crafty Saladin during the Crusades. With of course, our host Rattus to guide the way!”

In other website news, check out our Series 1 page, which is now complete! Plus all of the other episode pages now have all the era headings, however we are still uploading videos from Series 2. PLUS: If you love ‘Stupid Deaths’, then check out the sketch page for it, which is now complete!

So check out the website, and don’t miss the Magna Carta Special: Series 6 Episode 1 at 17:30!


The Series 6 cast revealed!

Series 6: Our predications

Magna Carta Song and Lyrics (Most popular!)

Magna Carta Top 10!

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