Imagine Spot


‘Imagine Spot’ is just a more fancy word for saying ‘One of Rattus’ daydreams’ in which Rattus dreams up of what things might have been like if we applied modern things (such as school) into historical eras.


1. Roman Gladiators Secondary school—Series 1 Episode 1—Rotten Romans sketch

2. The invention of the pyramid—Series 1 Episode 2—Awful Egyptians sketch

3. HHTV Sport: Lions VS. Christians—Series 1 Episode 3—Rotten Romans sketch

4. A Homo sapiens couple invite the local Neanderthals to dinner—Series 1 Episode 5—Savage Stone Age sketch

5. Things to remember when you’re a Galley slave—Series 1 Episode 6—Rotten Romans sketch

6. Smuggling the Trojan Horse into Troy—Series 1 Episode 7—Groovy Greeks sketch

7. Pyramid Real Estate—Series 1 Episode 7—Awful Egyptians sketch

8. Washing into dirty water—Series 1 Episode 7—Vile Victorians sketch

9. The Axe Factor—Series 1 Episode 11—Terrible Tudors sketch

10. Joan of Arc talks to an angel—Series 2 Episode 7—Measly Middle Ages sketch


-Series 1: 9 sketches

–Series 2: 1 sketch


—3 Rotten Romans sketches

–2 Awful Egyptians sketches

-1 Savage Stone Age sketch

-1 Groovy Greeks sketch

-1 Vile Victorians sketch

-1 Terrible Tudors sketch

-1 Measly Middle Age sketch

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