Fabulous French

Horrible Histories Fabulous French Banner


A prankster count sets up his own reality show, “You’ve Been Artois’d!” (parody of Punk’d)

2. HHTV News: Bob Hale’s French Revolution Report

3. Historical Wife Swap: Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette swap with a distinctly unimpressed starving peasant family

4. HHTV News: Mike Peabody live from the storming of the Bastille

5. Madam Tussaud’s Make Show: Wax models

Horrible Histories Series 5 Episode 5-Joan Of Arc1

6. The Dauphin of France introduces Joan of Arc to his openly skeptical army

7. Battle of the Day: Napoleon’s VS Europe. Watch Napoleons slow conquest of Europe, as even his losses are wins for France

8. The Duke of Wellington learns that Napoleon was not vanquished as he had thought


Horrible Histories Series 5 Episode 5-Song-Joan of Arc

1. Joan of Arc

Horrible Histories Series 6 Episode 5-Naughty Napoleon-42-Napoleon song10

2. Napoleon Bonaparte


-8 sketches

–2 songs


2 thoughts on “Fabulous French

    • I’m afraid all our videos our either from YouTube, or recently some sneak peaks of the new seventh Series from Twitter. If you cannot view any of the videos in America, which are from YouTube, we’re afraid we cannot do anything about this, as the videos are all property of the BBC, which is not within our power. Have you tried using the CBBC website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbbc/shows/horrible-histories ?
      Sorry if we could not help, but we do not own any of the videos.

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