The Blue-Blooded Blues: Song & Lyrics

I bet you think the Stuarts were an English dynasty,
But we only came to England when the crown belonged to me,
Our clan may hail from Scotland
But our tales are not a bonnie one, you’ll see.

We got the blue blooded blues,
In our blue Stuart shoes,
Each king queen and heir
Had a personal nightmare,
Have you heard the news?
We got the blue blooded blues.

Let’s start with me, King Robert iii,
Some say I was a fool,
Once fell off my horse and hurt my self,
Quite badly, how un-cool,
Ended up with a limp,
And limp was what they called my rule.
(And I tell you for why).

We got the blue blooded blues,
Strapping sons, he had two.
One in prison, starved in jail,
The other captured, epic fail,
The worst of kings, my review,
I got the blue blooded blues.

The next Stuarts all called James,
But none was lucky Jim,
James I hid down a sewer,
Got caught by assassins.
James ii was less unpopular,
But killed by his own cannon so, pretty dim
(And it doesn’t end there. You’re not wrong)

We got the blue blooded blues,
So many ways to lose.
3 and 4 killed in battle,
5 lost at war and that’ll,
Explain why we got confused,
About the Stuart clan blues
(Sing it Mary go on girl)

I’m Mary queen of Scots,
Misfortune I had lots
To Queen Liz was a threat
She threw me into prison yeah
Still accused me of plottin’
Can you see where I’m heading?
Liz is a Tudor, take a guess
Beheaded? Yeah!

Well after queen Liz died,
I was made King of England too.
Became James the first in England,
But the Stuart luck stayed true
Guy Fawkes try to blow me up,
And turn me into Stuart stew

(One more time! Yeah! )
We got the blue blooded blues,
Not the role I would choose.
With my son Charles a decapitee,
We briefly killed off royalty,
Stuart mourners it’s true…
Cause we’re the blue blooded blues
(That’s what I’m talking about)