Historical Mastermind

Horrible Histories sketches-Historical Mastermind


Historical figures appear on the quiz show, Historical Mastermind, testing their knowledge about themselves or their time. Parody of Mastermind.


Horrible Histories Series 2 Episode 1-7-Terrible Tudors-Historical Mastermind-William Shakespeare1Historical Mastermind: William Shakespeare on “Words what I made up”

(Series 2 Episode 1)


Historical MastermindHistorical Mastermind: Nikos Ancientgreekios on “Greek Inventions”

(Series 4 Episode 12)


Horrible Histories Series 6 Episode 7-Crafy Cleopatra-7-Historical Mastermind, Cleopatra1Historical Mastermind: Queen Cleopatra on “Everything”

Clever Cleo takes on the ‘Everything’ category (Series 6 Episode 7)


1. Shakespeare, category ‘Words What I Made Up’—Series 2 Episode 1—Terrible Tudors sketch

2. Nikos Ancientgreekios, category “Greek Inventions”—Series 4 Episode 12—Groovy Greeks sketch

3. Queen Cleopatra, category “Everything”—Series 6 Episode 7—Awful Egyptians


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