Stupid Deaths

Horrible Histories sketches-Stupid Deaths


Stupid Deaths is a favourite sketch shown across series’ 1-5 of the show. The sketches all feature a series of characters meeting Death (played by Simon Farnaby) and tell him and his judges how they came to meet their stupid death, before being let into the afterlife.


Click this sentence to see a list of videos of Stupid Deaths that can be watched.


A list of all the characters featured in Stupid Deaths sketches, in order of episode appearance.

1. Francis Bacon—Series 1 Episode 2—Slimy Stuarts sketch

2. Matthew Webb—Series 1 Episode 4—Vile Victorians sketch

3. Franz Reichelt—Series 1 Episode 6—Potty Pioneers sketch

4. Edmund II—Series 1 Episode 8—Vicious Vikings sketch

5. General Pausanias—Series 1 Episode 11—Groovy Greeks sketch

6. Aeschylus—Series 1 Episode 12—Groovy Greeks sketch

7. Sigurd the Mighty—Series 1 Episode 13—Vicious Vikings sketch

8. Bobby Leach—Series 2 Episode 1—Vile Victorians sketch

9. Heraclitus—Series 2 Episode 2—Groovy Greeks

10. Tudor entertainer—Series 2 Episode 3—Terrible Tudors sketch

11. Humphrey de Bohunh—Series 2 Episode 4—Measly Middle Ages sketch

12. Clement Vallandingham—Series 2 Episode 6—Awesome USA sketch

13. Arthur Aston—Series 2 Episode 8—Slimy Stuarts sketch

14. Cockney businessman—Series 2 Episode 9—Woeful Second World War sketch

15. Draco—Series 2 Episode 11—Groovy Greeks sketch

16. Diodorus the hunchback—Series 2 Episode 12—Rotten Romans sketch

17. Greek boxer—Series 3 Episode 2—Groovy Greeks sketch

18. James II of Scotland—Series 3 Episode 3—Measly Middle Ages sketch

19 Knights Templar—Series 3 Episode 4—Nasty Knights sketch

20 Griffith Ap Llewelyn—Series 3 Episode 5—Measly Middle Ages sketch

21. Countess of Coventry—Series 3 Episode 6—Gorgeous Georgians sketch

22. Molière—Series 3 Episode 7—Slimy Stuarts sketch

23. Henry I—Series 3 Episode 8—Measly Middle Ages sketch

24. Milo of Croton—Series 3 Episode 11—Groovy Greeks sketch

25. Archery accidents—Series 4 Episode 1—Terrible Tudors sketch

26. King Harold’s brothers—Series 4 Episode 4—Measly Middle Ages sketch

27. Hannah Twynnoy—Series 4 Episode 6—Gorgeous Georgians sketch

28. Richard the Raker—Series 4 Episode 7—Measly Middle Ages sketch

29. Richard the Lionheart—Series 4 Episode 8—Nasty Knights sketch

30. Pythagoras—Series 4 Episode 10—Groovy Greeks sketch

31. Robert Cocking—Series 4 Episode 12—Vile Victorians sketch

32. Arthur John Priest—Series 5 Episode 2—Troublesome 20th Century sketch

33. Ivan the Terrible—Series 5 Episode 3—Ruthless Rulers sketch

34. Madame Blanchard—Series 5 Episode 4—Gorgeous Georgians sketch

35. Hans Steininger—Series 5 Episode 5—Terrible Tudors sketch

36. Diane de Poitiers—Series 5 Episode 8—Terrible Tudors sketch

37. Emperor Domitian—Series 5 Episode 10—Rotten Romans sketch

38. Pliny the Elder—Series 5 Episode 11—Rotten Romans sketch

39. John of Bohemia—Series 5 Episode 12—Measly Middle Ages sketch


When the sixth series came out in 2015, Stupid Deaths, were replaced by Chatty Deaths (still starring Death played by Simon Farnaby, a parody of Alan Carr Chatty Man), in which historical characters that the episode had been based on would talk about their lives on a to Death.

Chatty Death



-Series 1: 7 sketches

–Series 2: 9 sketches

—Series 3: 7 sketches

—-Series 4: 7 sketches

—–Series 5: 8 sketches

-Slimy Stuarts: 3 sketches

-Vile Victorians: 2 sketches

-Potty Pioneers: 1 sketch

-Vicious Vikings: 2 sketches

-Groovy Greeks: 7 sketches

-Terrible Tudors: 4 sketches

-Measly Middle Ages: 7 sketches

-Awesome USA: 1 sketch

-Woeful Second World War: 1 sketch

Rotten Romans: 3 sketches

Nasty Knights: 2 sketches

Gorgeous Georgians: 3 sketches

Troublesome 20th Century: 1 sketch

Ruthless Rulers: 1 sketch


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