I’m Out Of Town: Lyrics


You can watch the song on the CBBC website and sing along with the lyrics below.

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Alfred really lived up to his title of ‘the Great’, trading wisely with other countries, reforming schools and the army and saving the country from a Viking rule…although he never burnt the cakes!

I had four brothers, future Kings every man.

Aethelbald, Aethelred, Aethelbert and Athelstan.

I’m not an Aethel, but I’ll end up being King;

They mostly ended up the wrong end of a Viking.


Every time I spoke to Viking Guthrum, to try to broker peace;

He always seemed to break his promise, so ceasefire had to cease.

His armies entered Exeter, I caused him strife;

But he fought back, so now I’m flighting for my life!


I’m out of town, I’m in retreat;

Don’t want to end up as Viking meat!

I’ve hurried off, I am upset

Hiding in the marshes of Somerset.


I’m on the run, though I’m supposed to be top man;

Think I’m beat, but this is neat-it’s my royal master plan!

I know this land so well I’ll catch him hit and run,

Mount attacks on Viking shacks- It’s like I’ve won.


On the Isle of Athelney in where great legends all began;

People say that while I was there, I burnt cakes in a pan.

They say was nothing left, but smouldering cakey goo.

This story real, I must admit, It’s not true.


I’m out of town, but now I see,

I’ll wait till we build a huge army.

I’m, hanging in, I’m getting tough,

Quite soon those Vikings will have had enough.


Now with my army, Guthrun’s men I’m whipping ’em.

They exit Exeter, now Chipper in Chippenham.

Proved to the country I’ve got what it takes,

But all people ask, though: “Is it true about the cakes?”


I win the fight, I am the King,

Tough like my brothers kill a Viking.

I’m number one, I am the boss;

You mess with me and that’ll be your loss!


I won the war, came out on top!

Viking rule managed to stop.

I raised the stakes, I got the breaks,

But, I didn’t really burn the cake!



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