Historical Dentists

Horrible Histories sketches-Historical Dentist


Historical replacements fills in for the regular dentist, using some of their cures which often don’t please the patient.


Horrible Histories Series 4 Episode 3-11-Smashing Saxons-Historical Dentist-Mr. Saxon1Mr. Saxon

(Series 4 Episode 3)


Horrible Histories sketches-Historical DentistTudor dentist

(Series 4 Episode 8)


Horrible Histories Series 4 Episode 9-49-Gorgeous Georgians-Historical Dentists-Mr. Georgian1Mr. Georgian

(Series 4 Episode 9)


Horrible Histories sketches-Historical DentistEgyptian dentist

(Series 4 Episode 11)


Horrible Histories sketches-Historical DentistRoman dentist

(Series 4 Episode 12)


1. Saxon dentist—Series 4 Episode 3—Smashing Saxons sketch

2. Tudor dentist—Series 4 Episode 8—Terrible Tudors sketch

3. Georgian dentist—Series 4 Episode 9—Gorgeous Georgians sketch

4. Egyptian dentist—Series 4 Episode 11—Awful Egyptians sketch

5. Roman dentist—Series 4 Episode 12—Rotten Romans sketch


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