Video Game


Historical video games


1. Warrior! Viking vs Monk—Series 1 Episode 1—Vicious Vikings sketch

2. Warrior! Romans vs Celts—Series 1 Episode 10—Cut-Throat Celts sketch

3. Operation Defend Britain—Series 2 Episode 4—Woeful Second World War sketch

4. The Real Tomb Raider—Series 2 Episode 5—Awful Egyptians sketch

5. Arena Fighter—Series 3 Episode 4—Rotten Romans sketch

6. Splat That Rat!—Series 3 Episode 9—Frightful First World War sketch

7. Warrior! Spanish Conquistador vs. Aztec Warrior—Series 3 Episode 10—Angry Aztecs sketch

8. Duat!—Series 4 Episode 1—Awful Egyptians sketch

9. Scorpus Chariot Racer—Series 4 Episode 8—Rotten Romans sketch

10. Ultimate City Defender—Series 5 Episode 1—Groovy Greeks sketch


-Series 1: 2 sketches

–Series 2: 2 sketches

—Series 3: 3 sketches

—-Series 4: 2 sketches

—–Series 5: 1 sketch


–2 Awful Egyptians and Rotten Romans sketches

-1 sketch for other eras.

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