William Wallace, Scottish Rebel: Song & Lyrics

William Wallace, the Scottish rebel, sings about his fearless attacks on the English as well as some of the stories about him.

Song from Series 3 Episode 3.


I am William Wallace
My life was a mystery.
Some say born twelve seven two
Some say twelve sixty three.

Was dubbed Malcolm of Paisley,
Maybe Alan from Aire.
Did I have a wife or no?
Do you really care?

They say I had a big red beard,
But all you need to know-
I was a Scottish rebel
And the English were my foe!

William Wallace, Scottish rebel!
This is war I cried!
Many English fought me,
And many English died!

I took against the English
Back when I was fairly wee.
‘Cause an Englishman called Selby
Bullied my whole family.
It upset me, so I struck him dead-
Well, wouldn’t you?
Then an English sheriff came along,
Guess what, I killed him too!

They say he killed my wife
So he deserved what he got.
Then England’s King Ed came for me,
Ooh, I’m scared! Not!

William Wallace, Scottish rebel!
Possibly six feet seven.
But all that really matters is
I sent Englishmen to heaven!

Forty thousand English came
To Stirling Bridge for me.
They had to cross a narrow bridge
To get to us, you see.
We held them off, pushed them back,
It was no contest.
Bridge collapsed, hundreds drowned,
Of course I killed the rest!

I celebrated Stirling Bridge,
Another Scottish win,
By decorating my sword
With the English general’s skin!

William Wallace, Scottish rebel!
Scottish legend too.
Fought for Scottish freedom,
Was a hero through and through.

Here’s where my rebel story comes unstuck-
At Falkirk defeated, I’d run out of luck.
Spent seven years playing hide and seek,
Captured, sent to London, tried for treason
What a cheek!

King Ed hanged me, then a lovely touch
Pulled my guts out, guess he didn’t like me much!

William Wallace, Scottish rebel!
In Scotland my heart lived,
Though sadly, my head wound up
On a spike on London Bridge!