The Suffragettes’ Song

We are the suffragettes,
Think you know some fierce girls?
You ain’t heard nothing yet.

A lass called Milli Fawcett, founder of our cause,
Started the battle for our rights
Argued the government should change the laws,
Here is how she stated our plight

How come girls can’t vote for rules that we have to obey?
When we work and pay taxes too!
Parliament’s reaction was
‘Oh do go away! ‘
How dare they diss the suffrage crew

Suffragettes sing, we’re gonna do this thing
Peaceful protest started in 1903
Got no reaction, needed drastic action
Got a new leader Emmeline Pankhurst
That’s me

Burst into parliament shouting “votes for women”,
Actions though were shocking and new
Chained ourselves to palace gates
Tension was brimming on the WSPU
Burned down churches, smashed up shops
Attacked mps, the result we were thrown in gaol
This made us more determined as you’ll come to see
Think we’d give up fighting? Hey fail!

Suffragettes sing together we can win
In prison we protested and went on hunger strike
Men still said no but we just said Yo!
You won’t stop us now!
Miss Davison please take the mic

We became more extreme
Derby day June 13
In front of king and queen
Committed sacrifice supreme
Crept unseen between the team
And crowds watching the race
And threw myself under a horse
To try and make our case
Became a famous martyr, how did men react?
We can’t give women votes if they’re so stupid they’ll do that

Seemed our cause was lost
When world war came along
Our suffragette reaction
Was to wave our protest good bye
Farewell, so long, took patriotic action
Put down our banner saying give us votes
Instead supported the men’s fight
Worked to help them win the war so guess what they said
Okay ladies… You were right!

Suffragettes sing, we’ve done it ding-ding
At last those men could see they should treat us the same
So all take note now that women can vote
And it’s thanks to those who fought in the
Suffragette name!