Mary’s Rhapsody: Lyrics


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Mary Queen of Scots stands on trial, accused on treason, and tries to sing about her side of the story – but in a court with Walsingham and other English men, proving her innocence proves difficult, and although she doesn’t want too, Queen Elizabeth I feels she must sign Mary’s death warrant.

Song from Series 6 Episode 4. Parody of Bohemian Rhapsody.

Is a fair trial, or just a mockery?

I am Queen Mary, with no escape from your trickery.

No lawyer to depend on, or witness’ to defend me.


Your honour, I killed no-one.

You expect me to confess, that I’s bump of old Queen Beth.

Treason, I call Walsingham

Lord Altrincham, ‘cos these letters are fakes.


Phoney, you’re going down,

I can prove they’re real,

And I was Queen of Scotland, once you clown.

Please do not carry one, you’re guilty now admit it.


Mary’s refusing to admit her guilt.

What a shock, what shame, what a complete an utter scandal.

Babington says Queen Beth, you never done in.

To the scaffold, to the scaffold, to the scaffold, to the scaffold, to the scaffold she must go.


I’m Queen, you’re vile, I demand a fair trial.

Goodness gracious, is that the time already,

Don’t spare the horses, time to go home.


If she’s guilty then I must sentence her to die,

But that would make me a killer Queen, so I

Scary, don’t want to do this Mary,

Not gonna get out, of signing her death warranty.


Her death, really matters,

She made me enemies…

Her death really matters to me.


That’s not how my wig goes.


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