Your Finest Hour: Lyrics


You can watch the song on the CBBC website and sing along with the lyrics below.



Although he won the war, Churchill was beaten at the following election. He sings about his war efforts and how he got Britain to pull through, reaching his final hour.

Song from Series 6 Episode 10. Parody of Frank Sinatra.

In ’44, we turned the war,

D-Day made sure the foe retreated.

In ’45, our troops survived,

But in the vote, I am defeated.


The masses spoke, though victories mine

Chose some old bloke, ungrateful swine.

There goes my power, what have been

My finest hour.


Back, in ’36 I tried to fix

The mad Idea, Hitler was charming.

Then in ’38, though I gained weight,

So did my case, for, re-arming.


In my modest way told all I was right,

But lacked support, had to sit tight.

Till ’39, justice was mine.

Their finest hour.


Though often feared,

That we might lose.

I kept my faith,

Words, well I’d choose:


“Time to bear and endure”, “Never Surrender”,

“Blood, toil, tears and sweat”, “We shall go on to the end”,

“Was never so much, owed to so few”.

Their finest hour.


I, brought us through, excepted you,

Would thank me too, and show affection.

But victory, and love for me,

Did not extend to the election.


Defeating Hitler, we had to fight

Defeating me, ballot box sufficed.

That’s what we killed for, what blood was spilled for.

Your finest hour.


I won the war, but lost the peace;

I can’t complain, my life did not cease.

The only cross, was one you wrote,

Your brothers died, so you could vote.

Didn’t just beat me, you beat tyranny

Your finest hour!