Learn Your Hieroglyphics: Song & Lyrics


An Ancient Egyptian teacher sings about the rules of hieroglyphics, which really aren’t as easy as vulture, foot, basket, as his students soon discover!

Song from Series 2 Episode 8.


Settle down class, now you’ve passed

Your grade one pyramid selling.

Yeah, the time has come for me to drum

Some facts into you about spelling.


Oh, it seems to me your ABC

Skills are less than terrific.

So buck up, boys, as we master the joys

Of the lovely hieroglyphics!


Everyone needs their ABC

It’s as simple as… vulture, foot, basket.

You know how to sing doh-ray-me

Easy to spell, it’s… hand, eye-thingy, owl.



Vulture, foot, basket.


Hand, eye-thingy, owl.


You’ll pass with ease and find it’s a breeze

The rules are scientific.

Don’t have to be smart, all you do is start

With simple phoneticglyphics


Next you get two letters, a set

More things called logographic.

Finally third, the form of a word

Determinitives… horrific!


Everyone needs their flamingo, house, sun,

It’s simple, but some can mean duck, everyone.

You all know how to write your name.

Except for me – Tutanephututakhamen.


Flamingo, house, sun-

Means duck to some.


Let’s leave that one!


If you find it hard, don’t be afraid

To go and ask your mummy for aid.

Now it’s time for a spelling bee

That’s not how you spell bee, see me!

Foot, reed, reed, easy!


Cat, pig, dog, rat, dog, frog

Make your spelling magnific

You can go up and down

Left and right and around

No punctuation in hieroglyphics


A, B, C, D, E, F, G

Just seven hundred characters or so.

Now that’s done,

Let’s have some fun

With numbers, here we go!


Everyone needs their 1, 2, 3

It’s as simple as… eye, eye, eye, eye, eye, eye

You can all count to ninety-nine;

Easy to write it’s… hoop, hoop, hoop, hoop, hoop, hoop, hoop, hoop, hoop

Eye, eye, eye, eye, eye, eye, eye, eye, eye


1, 2, 3-

Eye, eye, eye, eye, eye eye


Hoop hoop hoop hoop, eye, eye, eye, eye, eye, eye