Court of Historical Law


The accused are trialled by historical rulers using their own laws.


Horrible Histories Series 1 Episode 5-48-Smashing Saxons-Court of Historical Law-Ethelred the Unready V Ted-Saxon Ordeals1Court of Historical Law: Ethelred the Unready accusing Ted

(Series 1 Episode 5)


Horrible Histories Series 7 Opening Credits35Court of Historical Law: Draco


Horrible Histories Series 4 Episode 6-16-Goregous Georgians-Historical Court of Law-Tsarevich Peter III accusing a rat3Tsarevich Peter III accusing ‘Mr. Rat’

(Series 4 Episode 6)



1. Ethelred the Unready determines a horse thief’s guilt via ordeal by cake

2. Draco imposes his truly draconian punishments on an apple thief

3. Tsarevich Peter III brings a case against a very odd defendant



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