Pioneers of Transportation: Song & Lyrics

With imagination
And perspiration
We revolutionised transportation

Stephenson’s the name and my steam engine’s the best you will find
(It was the Rocket, it was called the Rocket)
It pulled a train that carried passengers and was the first of its kind
(Caused a commotion, doing the locomotion)
Was best by miles
And won top prize

At the Rainhill Trials

The Lords said it was dangerous then saw how many tickets could sell
(The toffs were off it, til they saw a profit)

And so he paved the way for me I’m Isambard Kingdom Brunel
(An engineer, and famous pioneer)
Railways off pat
A massive hat
And to top that

I was a tunnel building
Bridge creating
Hard grafting
Ship crafting
Polymath in search of a way
To take my train through my tunnel, cross my bridge to my ship
And sail me fastest to the usa
My steam ship, it made the trip
In just fourteen days

There across the ocean was clever old me I’m quite a star
(He’s Henry Ford, yes that’s what he’s called)
My assembly lines the first to make it cheap to buy a motor car
(From Henry Ford, cars you can afford)
I think you’ll find
Made just one kind
But never mind

I was the fastest rating
Car creating
Introducing mass producing
Original Model T guy

We took an engine, a bird wing
Some bike skills, worked until we found out how machines did fly
Not just a hop
But non-stop
Gonna get high, high, high!

I’m Orville, was the brains
The brawn, my brother Wilbur Wright
We refined the plane and made the first sustained flight
Our engine small
But powerful
Propelled to a great height!

They were supreme
Our mean machines
The stuff of dreams

We were creative, inventive
Progress our incentive
Always searching for a solution
We took some steel and a wheel
Made a plane, car and train and created a revolution

Hard to believe what we achieved
Looking back, we helped change tack
Transport was duller, we added colour
Well, as long as it’s black