The Great Historical Bake Off

Horrible Histories sketches-The Great Historical Bake Off


Parody of The Great British Bake Off


Horrible Histories Series 6 Episode 3- Wicked William the Conqueror-43-The Great Saxon Bake Off-Saxon peasant3The Great Saxon Bake Off

Mad bread and other Saxon food. (Series 6 Episode 3)


Horrible Histories Series 6 Episode 2-Mardy Mary Queen Of Scots-19-The Great Tudor Bake Off3The Great Tudor Bake Off

Differences between poor and posh diets (Series 6 Episode 4)


Horrible Histories Series 6 Episode 10-Wily Winston Churchill-26-The Great WWII Bake Off2The Great WWII Bake Off

When supplies are short for British folk, there is always one rabbit-like solution (Series 6 Episode 10)


Horrible Histories Series 7 Episode 2-Staggering Storytellers-18-The Great Storytellers Bake Off8The Great Storytellers Bake Off

Roald Dahl, Lewis Carroll and Enid Blyton compete in a Bake Off, cooking up worm cake, edible teacups and water that can shrink! (Series 7 Specials 2: Staggering Storytellers)



horrible-histories-series-7-the-grisly-great-fire-of-london-39-the-great-fire-bake-off4The Great Fire Bake Off

Thomas Farriner tries cooking something other than London, infuriated that is all that is known of him, whilst author Hannah Wooley teaches Paul some table manners (Series 7 Specials 3: The Grisly Great Fire of London)



1. The Great Saxon Bake Off—Series 6 Episode 3—Smashing Saxons sketch (Officially Wicked William the Conqueror sketch)

2. The Great Tudor Bake Off—Series 6 Episode 4—Terrible Tudors sketch (Officially Mardy Mary Queen of Scots sketch)

3. The Great WWII Bake Off—Series 6 Episode 10—Woeful Second World War sketch (Officially Wily Winston Churchill sketch)

4. The Great Storytellers Bake Off—Series 7 Specials 2—Potty Pioneers sketch (Officially Staggering Storytellers sketch)

5. The Great Fire Bake Off—Series 7 Specials 3—Slimy Stuarts sketch (officially The Grisly Great Fire of London sketch)



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