Flame: Song & Lyrics

In 776BC Olympics were begun
Greece was the only country, so naturally we won
Cheats built bronzes of God Zeus were we honest winners
The answer’s no we had more statues than you’ve had hot dinners
Our games meant truce was called in war a peace every 4 years
But wrestling was so violent that bouts could end in tears
No girls allowed to watch or run that might sound rude
But makes sense when I tell you we competed nude

It’s gonna burn forever
Love for Olympic heroes
We’d like one next however
Sadly it’s Emperor Nero
Hey watch it you two, alright

Emperor Nero:
I went from Rome to Greece so I could play them at their games
IN 67AD you know I won Olympic fame
Told them to include a contest based on poetry
Not much good for sportsmen no, but brilliant for me
Crashed my racing chariot but still awarded gold
Hey my Olympics my rules
To argue would be bold
I won every medal that was up for grabs
The crowd loved it well they had to or I would have had them stabbed, OK?


Olympic champion that’s me
My games were emperors own round


Think I was bad in 393
Christian Rome had them banned

It’s over, it’s over, it’s over, it’s over, it’s over, it’s over



Baron de Coubertin:
WAIT not so fast

I’m Baron de Coubertin, a famous French historian
I read of the Olympic Games thought I should try restoring them
They’d be just like the old days I said but did propose
That unlike Greeks Victorians should do them wearing clothes
In 1896 we launched the games in dear old Greece
Hoped it would make men more morale as well as less obese
We built a stadium so we could start to play
Games of the modern Olympics which we still have today


Baron de Coubertin:
I’m on my personal glory
But no-one remembers my name


Baron de Coubertin:
So here to finish our story
A man who has gold plated fame

Jesse Owens:
I’m Jesse Owens fastest man in 1936
I took home 4 gold medals yeah, but that’s just the basics
What you should know about the fact I was victorious
Is, it made Herr Hitler mad ha it made him furious
Hitler said Berlin should be the games Germanic base
So he could show the world Aryans were the master race
I won in 4 events he had to back pedal
His evil theory destroyed with every medal

It’s gonna burn forever
Olympics are never in doubt
A fire of sporting endeavour
You realise it’s actually gone out
Olympic, Olympic