I Can’t Go On!: Lyrics


You can watch the song on the CBBC website and sing along with the lyrics below.

WATCH SONG: http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbbc/music/crafty-cleopatra


Defeated by Octavian, Cleopatra sings about her story as she can’t go on any more. Her plot ends up fooling Mark Anthony, who can’t go on without Cleo, and eventually Octavian tries to capture her, as he can’t go on if Cleopatra dies.

Song from Series 6 Episode 7. Guest-Starring Kathryn Drynsdale.

Defeated by Octavian, that weed we don’t respect

Affection killed in Actium, as my poor Ant has been decked.

Yeah, I was wrecked. Now it’s T-H-E E-N-D, I’m sure that spells the end for me,

Octavian will display me in a cage, the world will gloat.


I can’t go on, will be paraded round the streets.

Octavian, not your exotic parakeet.

Not your spoils from victory, I’ll spoil your party,

I can’t go on!


I’m miserable, I’m so depressed, how did it come to this?

Octavian don’t like me ‘cos I dumped his, plain old sis.

For Queen Isis. I’m trying to sustain our rule, don’t hold me up to ridicule,

Snap out of this you moping fool, you’re not helping at all!


I can’t go on, without my sweet Roman romance;

My love has gone, living alone not in my plans.

Octavian, my boss? I’d sooner eat my head!

I can’t go on!


I must try and capture Cleo! Octavian must not take me-o!

She’ll kill herself just for me? She must adore me!

I’ll foil Octavian with this plot.

She’s dead? Not yet, I’m not!


She must not die, so much more popular than me!

And so I die! This will look bad on my CV.

Antony and Cleo gone, what a blooming pair of drama Queens!

So all hail me!