Series 4 Episode 15



Mathew Baynton, Dave Cohen, Toby Davies, Gerard Foster, Chris Pell, Giles Pilbrow, Steve Punt, Laurence Rickard and Ben Willbond


29th October 2012



Horrible Histories Wicked Witches NO. 12: WITCHES: Witchfinder’s Direct infomercial (from S01E03)

Horrible Histories Measly Middle Ages NO. 11: ALIENS: Scary Stories: “The Children of Woolpit” (S02E03)

Horrible Histories Terrible Tudors NO. 10: MORE WITCHES: Witches as pets (previously unaired sketch)

Horrible Histories Rotten Romans NO. 9: ROMANS: Emperor Nero’s complicated love life features in “Love You To Death” (S02E03)

Horrible Histories Measly Middle Ages NO. 8: DEATHS: Stupid Deaths: Henry I is made fatally ill by a meal of eels (S03E08)

Horrible Histories Vicious Vikings NO. 7: VIKINGS: Exploring ways to intimidate with war paint (S02E08)

Horrible Histories Woeful Second World War NO. 6: HORROR: A city child is evacuated to what he thinks is a den of monsters in “The Farm” (S02E09)

Horrible Histories Angry Aztecs NO. 5: AZTECSDiscaztec (Song from S03E09, here sped up slightly to fit)

Horrible Histories Fabulous French NO. 4: GEORGIAN ART: “Madame Tussaud’s Make Show”, featuring freshly guillotined models (S03E08)

Horrible Histories Putrid Pirates NO. 3: PIRATES: “Historical Hospital”: A pirate doctor is actually a ship’s carpenter, about to perform surgery! (S02E02)

Horrible Histories Gorgeous Georgians NO. 2: EXECUTIONS: HHTV News: Live report from the public hanging of anti-hero Jack Sheppard (S02E04)

NO. 1: DEATH HIMSELF: SONG: Death’s Favourite Things: Death sings about his favourite, scary things!


Death’s Favourite Things”, feat. Thriller-style zombie chorus (new song, written by Greg Jenner and performed by Simon Farnaby)


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