Stupid Deaths: Video Selection

Horrible Histories Series 2 Episode 1-25-Vile Victorians-Stupid Deaths-Bobby Leach2Stupid Deaths: Bobby Leach

Victorian Niagara Falls daredevil tells of his stupid death, which wasn’t as heroic as his work.

Stupid DeathsStupid Deaths: Clement Vallandingham

The 19th Century American tells of his rather Stupid Death when representing a defendant in a murder case!

Stupid DeathsStupid Deaths: Draco

The Greek Lawmaker, although cruel, was a bit too loved by a Greek audience!


Stupid DeathsStupid Deaths: Edmund II

The Saxon King tells of his famous death where he learns Vikings will attack in the most bizarre places!

Stupid DeathsStupid Deaths: Griffith Ap Llewelyn

Griffith tells what happened when he was escaping from the Tower of London.


Stupid DeathsStupid Deaths: King Adolf Frederick of Sweden

The 18th Century King of Sweden, fit to burst, tells his stupid death.


Horrible Histories Series 3 Episode 11-39-Groovy Greeks-Stupid Deaths-Milo of Croton5Stupid Deaths: Milo of Croton

The famous Greek strongman learns that brawn doesn’t always beat brain, and Death starts to get the hang of Sudoku puzzles.

Stupid DeathsStupid Deaths: Pythagoras

The Greek mathematician equates that being chased by assassins and running into bean fields don’t end well!

Stupid DeathsStupid Deaths: Richard the Lionheart

King Richard I of England tells his Stupid Death, caused by the most simple mistake!


Stupid DeathsStupid Deaths: Outtakes

30 Seconds of laughs behind the scenes with the HH crew.