Wreck ‘Em All: Lyrics


You can watch the song on the CBBC website and sing along with the lyrics below.

WATCH SONG: http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbbc/music/bolshy-boudica-song


Raging against the Romans, Celtic Queen Boudica sets of the destroy the Romans, taking back London, St. Albans and Colchester, starting a war against them-but did she intend too?

Song from Series 6 Episode 9. Guest-Star.

Fine wine, designer Roman goods,

I, owned a fancy stash.

But when my husband died, the Romans cried,

Let’s take his cash.


Like a baby, I had a little cry

At this terrible stage.

But before too long, I had turned this song

Into, a violent rage!


And so I had to wreck ’em all!

Tear down every Roman wall.

Unleased all my fury on,

Every Roman Centurion.


I led a Celtic army, and we smashed

The Roman crew.

Took London, St. Albans, Camulodunum-

That’s Colchester to you.


Rather than end up dead, Romans turned and fled,

From our uprising.

Their soldier took flight, cowards found our fight,



And so I had to wreck ’em all,

Took no prisoners at all.

Burned those cowards down to the ground,

Killed every Roman I found.


I never meant to start a war-

Actually that’s not so.

Just wanted every Roman to pack up

Their villa and go!


So Roman Britain starts to fall!

Shame I hadn’t reckoned all,

These legions would arrive from Rome,

And we’re fighting them for our homes.


Won’t stop till I deck ’em all,

Every soldier, every General.

My plan was just to go berserk,

And wrecking seems to work, to work, to work.

to work, to work, to work.