The Cruel Necessity: Lyrics


You can watch the song on the CBBC website and sing along with the lyrics below.



After the cruel necessity of be-heading the King, Cromwell runs the country through many different parliaments-and in the end realises there’s not much point trying to tame the arguing politicians, disloyal supporters and overall a rowdy country worse than the King in his eyes!

Song from Series 6 Episode 12. Starring Lawry Lewin. Parody of the Jungle Book’s ‘The Bear Necessities’

It was a cruel necessity, something of a mess but he’s

A right Charlie, too proud a King, to work with each MP.

Parliament he did abandon, doesn’t have a leg to stand on,

The cruel necessities of God’s will came to me. It came to you. It came to me.


We scrapped the Long Parliament, leaving us with a rump;

Thought supporters would help me, but hey got the hump.

I tried to delegate the crafts of states, instead all landed on my plate.

Had to go and fight in Dublin, leaving dolts in charge was troubling.


I ditched the King but those MPs were worse than he.

Not so easy, eh? But still a cruel necessity,

So many had said to me, “Charlie’s off his trolley, Olly

Boil his head for tea”.


But despite de-capitation, they dispute my legislation,

Those dark ministers will be the death of me.

You’ll come to me…

Shut up already!


Now I’m not King of these whingers, who make me look a chump.

I tell them so, in God’s name go, it’s time to dump this rump.

My new Nominated Parliament, much greater pedigree.

They’re excellent chaps, clever, too, and all got chose by me.


Oh, woop-de-doo, they’re gonna be like me-he-he;

Vote like me, do what I ask them too do-hoo.

I disagree. Who are you? Praise God, Barebones. Oh, praise be!

I don’t like to moan, your army cronies annoy me.


Once more it’s, cruel necessity, time to ditch this ministry,

Even Barebone Parliament, fight among themselves.

What this failing public sector, needs now is a Lord Protector!

The nominated nobodies’ governing days are through.


You ungrateful crew,

You make me spew-

It’s like a zoo!

Well whoop-de-doo!