Series 5 Episode 14



Dave Cohen, Rosanna Lowe, Giles Pilbrow, Laurence Rickard, Joe Tucker, Ben Ward, Raphael Warner


14th February 2014

Horrible Histories Ridiculous Romance


Horrible Histories Terrible Tudors

“Dating in Darkness”: Henry VIII doesn’t realise that he’s been deceived by Anne of Cleves flattering portrait until it’s too late (parody of Dating in the Dark)

Elizabeth I’s temper tantrum over another portrait may help explain why she never married (from S02E01)

Horrible Histories Measly Middle Ages

William the Conqueror skips the charm and cuts straight to the shoving in “Mud and Matilda” (spoof of romantic comedy movie trailers, from S03E10)

My Middle Ages Wedding Magazine: All the tips you need to make your Dark Ages day special, including how to make sure the thrown cakes are nice and soft

Horrible Histories Rotten Romans

Historical Desktops: Mark Antony inadvertently demonstrates the (extreme) dangers of online dating when he accepts a friend request from Cleopatra (S02E02)

Emperor Nero’s similarly complicated love life features in “Love You To Death” (spoof of romantic comedy trailers, from S02E03)

Horrible Histories Gorgeous Georgians

“History’s Greatest Escapes”: The Countess of Nithsdale demonstrates her devotion to her husband by breaking him out of the Tower of London (S05E05)

Horrible Histories Vile Victorians

A picnicking couple have a lover’s spat over the lady’s strict insistence on etiquette, while another negotiates a messy break-up via floral messaging system (both S03E01)

“Victoria & Albert: A Love Ballad” (song, from S04E06)


“Love Rats” (parody of The Love Cats by The Cure): Famous lovers from throughout history assemble to confess their caddishness in Love Rats


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