Owain Glyndŵr: First Prince of Wales: Lyrics

I’m a welsh noble, I mobilised Wales against the English
Fought King Henry Four because Wales abhorred English rule
But my uprising, it went a bit wrong and this song tells the surprising tale.

Owain Glyndwr!
Welsh hero, of the hour!
It all began ’cause my neighbour, a vindictive man,
Baron Grey De Ruthen was spreading untrue things ’bout me!

Said I was a rebel who planned to repel England’s king,
Not really true but more than a few were convinced.
So, I decided, to take up the mantle, was given the handle of Prince.
Of Wales!

You don’t have to be Welsh to feel Welsh pride.
Even kingsman Henry Hotspur ended up on my side.
We claimed Welsh ground, then in Hereford rain meant,
The king nearly drowned, washed away in his tent.
So partly thanks to Welsh weather,
I was crowned, think I’m gunna dance now!

I had great plans for new government, new law and churches.
But Henry the Fourth had dried off and revenge was his game.
We were defeated, he blocked supplies to Wales,
Our crops failed and starvation came.

Owain Glyndwr!
My family sent to the tower.
As Welsh towns fell, and we all know that never ends well.
So I disappeared but my name is revered throughout Wales.

Owain Glyndwr!
Father of the fight for Welsh power.
Welsh legend holds that should Wales ever need someone bold.
I’ll rise up to help them, I’m due, I’m six hundred years old!

Henffych well i’are arwr mawr Cymru
Owain Glyndwr!