Court Life: Song & Lyrics

Watch the song here:

Here’s the thing, I’m the King

I have ministers and minions,

Millions, well a few, so let me tell you about my court life!


Most days I’m awake by 5am. I love clocks!

I’m a dull man who likes dull food,

Boiled eggs, toast, plate. Fork knife!


Then its off to prayers, I love praying!

Like clocks too, but not as much as I like God

And believe in the next life!


Happy to spend hours in ice-cold churches

Not sold on all this cold drama,

Frankly calmer as a dairy farmer!


All the courtiers, noble sons and daughters

We all bow hand in hand

Bending backs in my court life!


Did I tell you I like clocks? I don’t like loud knocks on the door,

It enrages my sense of enormous wellbeing. Quiet life!

I don’t ask much of my pages,

Just no coughing, spitting, sneezing-or moving! Still life!

Oh, and don’t come between me and the door,

Else you’re stuck here until me or the Queen decides to leave! Poor wife!

And when you enter the room walk slowly backwards towards the wall!


All the courtiers, noble sons and daughters, we all bow and offer our hands

Think most of them can’t stand court life!