Gorgeous Georgians

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1. Twisted Fairytales: “The Three Little Pigs” (window tax)—Series 1 Episode 1

2. How to vote in Georgian elections—Series 1 Episode 1

3. Join the Georgian Navy! (advertisement)—Series 1 Episode 5

4. Historical Hospital: ‘Master of medicaments’ Montague Fuzzlepeck diagnoses a patient—Series 1 Episode 5

5. Historical Wife Swap: Lord and Lady Posh from the Manor swap with the Peasant family of Poorville

6. This is Georgian Food (parody of Marks & Spencer advertisements)

7. A Georgian dentist prepares to replace a tooth

8. John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich, “invents” the sandwich—Series 1 Episode 13

9. HHTV Sport: Lice racing

10. HHTV Sport: Ex-slave Bill Richmond revolutionises boxing

11.Parents tour a boarding school during a violent pupil rebellion

12. Legendary Admiral Horatio Nelson turns out to be a trifle less than physically impressive

13. HHTV News: The public execution of escape artist Jack Sheppard

14. Prince Regent George IV has an unexpectedly good reaction to some bad news–not so much to the news that his corset’s no longer working

15. Mad King George III’s royal physicians torture him in the name of treatment

16. Ready Steady Feast: On the run from the cure, the King pauses to plant a beef loin

17. Shouty (Wo)Man: New! Georgian Fan, the communications revolution

18. A courtship is conducted entirely via fan sign language

19. Historical Fashion Fix: A peasant gets a taste of aristocratic Macaroni fashion

20. HHTV Sport: Play-by-play of a pinching match

21. A fresh army recruit gets a rude surprise on reporting for duty

22. Pay your way to luxury in Newgate Prison (parody of Premier Inn advertisements)

23. Historical Pet Shop: Smuggling lace in a goose’s crop

24. Inventor John Joseph Merlin belatedly discovers a few key design flaws while filming an advertisement for the first practical roller skates

25. “George IV: Who on Earth Are You?”: The newly crowned King takes a genealogist on a most unusual tour of the family tombs (parody of Who Do You Think You Are?)

26. The controversial final moments of Admiral Nelson, and then the unusual preservation method used on his body

27. Stupid Deaths: Countess of Coventry

28. George I’s English isn’t any better than Robert Walpole’s German, which poses a serious problem re: running the country–or does it?

29. HHTV Sport: Twisting the hindquarters off a dead cow at the Highland Games

30. A fashionable day out to view the patients in Bedlam

31. Mercury is the key ingredient in Solomon’s Live (not so very) Long Water (advertisement)

32. The perils of for-profit fire brigades—Series 4 Episode 1

33. The toilet queues in Queen Caroline of Ansbach’s court are less than dignified—Series 4 Episode 1

34. Court of Historical Law: Tsarevich Peter III brings a case against a very odd defendant

35. Stupid Deaths: Hannah Twynnoy

36. “Le Survival Guide” gives tips on (literally) staying cool in the French army during Napoleon’s march on Moscow

37. HHTV Sport: Napoleon’s famed strategic gifts are no match for the mechanical chess-playing Turk

38. “Waterloo” tells the very personal story of Le Petit Caporal’s last stand (movie trailer)

39. Historical Apprentice: Viscount ‘Turnip’ Townshend (special guest Chris Addison) and his Team Whig vie with peasant Team Go Wurzel to negotiate the agricultural revolution

40. Historical Dentist: The era’s dentist offers some bizarre options for cleaning teeth

41. Changing wig fashions lead to spats among the fashionable aristocracy

42. HHTV News: Bob Hale’s Napoleon Report

43. Hostile Environment Training: Escorting an unpopular nobleman through the streets of London

44. Jonathan Wild, Thief-Taker General, hits upon a novel method of keeping himself employed (parody of Sherlock)

45. Young George believes he’s more popular than ever, but his poor servant gets the brunt of the attempts on the King’s life

46. Promotion for Clara the Rhino on tour has the world thrilled with this new species

47. George bores his family to insanity, leaving some rather marrying a stranger!

48. Battle of the Day: Patriots vs Loyalists. The Americans are revolting against the English, wanting their land back to themselves-ironically successful with their army of farmers!

49. Dinner etiquette with George is determined by his guests’ role of importance-but they’d better be quick!

50. Historical Clinic: a Georgian doctor’s idea of curing acne isn’t good as it sounds (And it doesn’t sound very good either!)

51. Historical Countryfile: George tends to his royal farm

52. Historical Catwalk: The Georgian Men Final, where -you guessed it- two Georgian men battle it out (parody of Project Catwalk)

53. HHTV News: The Prince Regent’s undermining of the throne seems to be not as exciting as watching the King jump around being a kangaroo

54. Chatty Death: George III talks about his long, yet mad life

55. Horrible Publishing: The Bronte Sisters try to get their work published, forgetting all about the Bronte brother


Horrible Histories Series 1 Episode 1-The 4 Goerges Born 2 Rule

Born 2 Rule

Georgian Army


Horrible Histories Series 6 Episode 8-Gorgeous George III-22-Court Life1

Court Life (Parody of Park Life by Blur)



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