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1. Stupid Deaths: Francis Bacon—Series 1 Episode 2

2. My Stuart Family—Series 1 Episode 2

3. HHTV News: Charles I’s execution—Series 1 Episode 3

4. Historical Wife Swap: The Miserables, a Puritan family, swap with Cavalier family the Merrys—Series 1 Episode 3

5. HHTV News: Mike Peabody reports on efforts to cope with the Great Plague of London—Series 1 Episode 9

6. Ye Sun newspaper: Plague Special—Series 1 Episode 9

7. Ready Steady Feast: How to start the Great Fire of London—Series 1 Episode 9

8. Bonfire safety tips with Guy Fawkes—Series 1 Episode 11

9. HHTV News: The English Civil War breaks out—Series 1 Episode 11

10. The story of the Gunpowder Plot as action movie “Fawkes’ 13″ (film trailer)—Series 2 Episode 1

11. Charles I’s unusual punishments—Series 2 Episode 1

12. Oliver Cromwell bans Christmas celebrations—Series 2 Episode 2

13. HHTV News: Bob Hale’s English Civil War Report—Series 2 Episode 7

14. HHTV News: Mike Peabody reports live from the Battle of Marston Moor—Series 2 Episode 7

15. Stupid Deaths: Arthur Aston—Series 2 Episode 8

16. Scary Stories: The Terror of Tedworth—Series 2 Episode 8

17. The introduction of tea—Series 2 Episode 9

18. Historical Hospital: A physician tries a cure involving pigeons—Series 2 Episode 9

19. King Charles I’s French bride is less than pleased to learn he’s sent a stand-in groom—Series 2 Episode 10

20. A Scots congregation needs some serious persuasion to accept the new English prayer books—Series 2 Episode 10

21. Historical Masterchef—Series 3 Episode 2

22. A dinner party is made awkward by Walter Raleigh’s severed head—Series 3 Episode 2

23. Scary Stories: Evil Edmund—Series 3 Episode 3

24. Historical Paramedics: Stuarts—Series 3 Episode 3

25. Eccentric highwayman James Hind refuses to steal from Royalists—Series 3 Episode 4

26. Charles II is less than impressed with his coronation gift—Series 3 Episode 4

27. Horrible Points of View”: Taking questions and comments on that new theatrical phenomenon, ‘actresses’—Series 3 Episode 7

28. Stupid Deaths: Molière

29. William Harvey is willing to go to any lengths to further his anatomical research—Series 3 Episode 10

30. Historical Pet Shop: Rupert of the Rhine—Series 3 Episode 11

31. Historical Don’t Tell the Bride: Stuart Couple—Series 3 Episode 11

32. Horrible Points of View: Another look at the unsettling phenomenon of females playing female roles onstage—Series 3 Episode 12

33. Thomas Blood is brought before Charles II, who winds up being unexpectedly impressed–and entertained—Series 3 Episode 12

34. A clergyman makes an unusual patriotic request of his female parishioners—Series 4 Episode 1

35. Oliver Cromwell requests that Peter Lely paint his portrait ‘warts and all’—Series 4 Episode 1

36. Oh Yea! Magazine: Nell Gwynn Special—Series 4 Episode 2

37. An ambassador learns the hard way just how literally Charles II dines in public—Series 4 Episode 2

38. Charles II tries to mediate between Royal Astronomer John Flamsteed and the ravens of the Tower of London—Series 4 Episode 11

39. Tobacco is the signature cure-all at Dr Culpepper’s Health Spa (advertisement)—Series 4 Episode 11

40. The “Historical Grimefighters” arrive to clean up after Charles II’s courtiers—Series 5 Episode 1

41. Highwayman Claude Duval unexpectedly charms his victims—Series 5 Episode 2

42. HHTV Investigates: Charles II’s supposed ability to cure scrofula with a touch—Series 5 Episode 4

43. Aromatherapy takes a deeply dubious turn with the invention of the Whiffy jar—Series 5 Episode 5

44. Samuel Pepys makes some equally dubious publishing decisions as treasurer of the Royal Society—Series 5 Episode 5

45. Plague victim finder recruitment comes with some built-in occupational hazards—Series 5 Episode 9

46. Charles II’s attempt to discourage anti-government plotters leads to some difficulty in securing a hot beverage—Series 5 Episode 9

47. Chaos! The Civil War board game—Series 6 Episode 12

48. The new General calls out a register of weird names in the Roundhead army (animated)—Series 6 Episode 12

49. Water Beware!: The dangers of drinking water—Series 6 Episode 12

50. Historical Desktops: Shakespeare quickly comes up with a play for King James I, to earn the title of ‘The King’s Men’.—Series 7 Episode 1: Sensational Shakespeare Special

51. Escape to the Historical Country: Shakespeare and Anne are looking for a home, but things soon get in the way.

52. The now famous Shakespeare and his wife go to their local market, but are soon interrupted when people start quoting him—Series 7 Episode 1: Sensational Shakespeare

53. Horrible Publishing: Shakespeare attempts to get his work published in a slightly different format, however it seems everything of his original ideas has been used—Series 7 Episode 1: Sensational Shakespeare


1. Oliver Cromwell has his visiting relatives arrested for wishing him a Merry Christmas (from S02E02)—Series 2 Episode 14: Horrible Christmas Special


1. Charles II: King of Bling—Series 2 Episode 2

2. The English Civil War Song—Series  Episode 10

3. The Plays What I’ve Written—Series 7 Episode 1: Sensational Shakespeare


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