Terrible Tudors

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1. This Is Your Reign: King Henry VIII —Series 1 Episode 2

2. Oh Yea! Magazine: Royal Special—Series 1 Episode 7

3. Historical Hospital: Treating a blister—Series 1 Episode 7

4. Tudor Weather forecast—Series 1 Episode 9

5. Twisted Fairytales: Thumbelina—Series 1 Episode 9

6. Ready Steady Feast: Comparing the diets of rich and poor—Series 1 Episode 10

7. Historical Hairdressers: The latest skin treatments—Series 1 Episode 10

8. Oh Yea! magazine: Royal Special—Series 1 Episode 11

9. Imagine spot: Choosing the next royal executioner on The Axe Factor—Series 1 Episode 11

10. The tumultuous history of the Globe Theatre (animated)—Series 1 Episode 13

11. The ghost of Richard III challenges William Shakespeare over the historical accuracy of the play based on the King’s life—Series 1 Episode 13

12. Elizabeth I is picky about her portrait—Series 2 Episode 1

13. Historical Mastermind: Shakespeare—Series 2 Episode 1

14. Jester Will Somers is the only man who can safely break the news of Queen Catherine Howard’s infidelities to Henry VIII—Series 2 Episode 3

15. Stupid Deaths: Tudor entertainer—Series 2 Episode 3

16. HHTV Sport: Inter-village football match—Series 2 Episode 8

17. A mugger tries to adjust his rates to avoid punishment—Series 2 Episode 8

18. HHTV News: Bob Hale’s Catholic Report—Series 2 Episode 11

19. King Henry VIII plays tennis while his Queen Anne Boleyn is executed—Series 2 Episode 11

20. Horrible Histories World Wrestling”: Francis I of France defeats Henry VIII by tripping him up—Series 2 Episode 12

21. Historical Desktops: Henry VIII surfs dating services and winds up starting the English Reformation online—Series 2 Episode 12

22. A gong farmer tries to convince his son to follow in his footsteps—Series 3 Episode 1

23. Elizabeth I unexpectedly arrives at a noble’s home to stay—Series 3 Episode 1

24. The story of Lady Jane Grey, queen for nine days—Series 3 Episode 3

25. The invention of the English mile—Series 3 Episode 3

26. Elizabeth I’s Christmas present turns out to be a timekeeping revolution—Series 3 Episode 5

27. Special footwear helped women keep dry in muddy streets–but looking where they were going helped even more (animated)—Series 3 Episode 5

28. Historical Fashion Fix: The latest peasant to have a makeover is unappreciative of his noble transformation—Series 3 Episode 5

29. Henry VIII unveils his patented all-you-can-meat Tudor diet plan—Series 3 Episode 6

30. Historical Paramedics: Tudors—Series 3 Episode 6

31. Historical Head Teachers: Mr Bullen—Series 3 Episode 8

32. HHTV Sport: Horse racing with King Henry VIII–and child jockeys—Series 3 Episode 8

33. A foreign traveller has difficulty grasping pre-decimal British coinage—Series 3 Episode 9

34. A nobleman inadvertently runs afoul of Elizabeth I’s peculiar clothing laws—Series 3 Episode 9

35. The not-quite-love story of Phillip and Mary—Series 3 Episode 11

36. Elizabeth I endorses Sugar-Paste Toothpaste (advertisement)—Series 3 Episode 11

37. Vengeful Philip II of Spain tries–and fails–repeatedly to launch “The Spanish Armada” against Britain (film trailer, 2 parts)—Series 4 Episode 1

38. Stupid Deaths: Archery accidents—Series 4 Episode 1

39. Martin Luther’s obsession with his own effluent makes a visit to his office distinctly awkward—Series 4 Episode 2

40. Cash in the Abbey—Series 4 Episode 2

41. Historical Desktops: Elizabeth I takes her search for the perfect consort online—Series 4 Episode 3

42. William Shakespeare is called out by a tavern drunk and ends up in a battle of insults—Series 4 Episode 5

43. Oh Yea! Magazine: Elizabeth I’s formidable temper—Series 4 Episode 5

44. Historical Dentist: Tudor—Series 4 Episode 8

45. HHTV Behind the Throne: Interview with Sir Thomas Heneage, Henry VIII’s Groom of the Stool—Series 4 Episode 8

46. Edward VI’s whipping boy, Barnaby Fitzpatrick, faces the wrath of the royal tutors—Series 4 Episode 10

47. The News in Tudor Criminal Slang—Series 4 Episode 11

48. A spelling bee in the age of non-formalised spelling—Series 4 Episode 11

49. Historical Masterchef: Meaty Meals—Series 4 Episode 12

50. Paranoid Henry VIII demands extreme security measures before he can sleep—Series 4 Episode 12

51. Time to get ready for the Religious Switchover —Series 5 Episode 2

52. Thou Hast Been Framed—Series 5 Episode 2

53. Francis Walsingham’s postal service advert with bloopers—Series 5 Episode 3

54. HHTV News: Bob Hale’s Mary, Queen of Scots Report—Series 5 Episode 3

55. Tudor Wildlife Magazine—Series 5 Episode 5

56. Stupid Deaths: Hans Steininger—Series 5 Episode 5

57. Who on Earth Are You?— Series 5 Episode 7

58. Attempting to establish a plausible royal pedigree for Lambert Simnel, pretender to the throne of Henry VII—Series 5 Episode 7

59. Henry VIII shows off the Tudor King Lift— Series 5 Episode 7

60. Edward De Vere passes wind in Elizabeth I’s court—Series 5 Episode 8

61. Stupid Deaths: Diane de Poitiers—Series 5 Episode 8

62. Lord Stanley literally waits to the last minute to decide who to fight for at the Battle of Bosworth Field—Series 5 Episode 9

63. Real Tudor Hustle—Series 5 Episode 10

64. A forehead brand for perjury proves hard to explain during a job interview—Series 5 Episode 10

65. Large ruffs worn by men meeting in public cause them problems—Series 6 Episode 4

66. The Great Tudor Bake Off: Differences between poor and posh diets—Series 6 Episode 4

67. Tudor Togs: Dress up as your favourite queen; will you choose young and pretty Mary, or will you choose her rival, old and ugly Elizabeth?—Series 6 Episode 4

68. Historical Restrooms: A businessman uses one of the first flushing toilets, which is still in need of a few minor improvements—Series 6 Episode 4

69. Amazing Scientists: Brian meets Tycho Brahe—Series 6 Episode 4

70. History’s Craziest Fools: Mr. H takes a look at The Battle of Lepanto, 1571, where the Ottomans start a dance off, and fire fruit!

71. An Evening with Cardinal Wolsey: The secrets to my success—Series 6 Episode 6

72. Historical Clinic: Tudor doctor—Series 6 Episode 6

73. Oh Yea! Magazine: A look at Shakespeare’s unknown early life, glove-making father and loyal wife prove to be quite boring!—Series 7 Episode 1

74. Considering a change from actor to writer, Shakespeare attempts to get some advice from some of the writer’s down at the pub, only to be mocked—Series 7 Episode 1

75. H! News: A look at the top 3 forms of entertainment in the Tudor era leave Shakespeare’s plays just beaten by ‘Jackanapes’—Series 7 Episode 1

76. A young Tudor man seeks a job as an actor in one of Shakespeare’s plays, however he learns he has to start at the bottom…literally! (PART 1)—Series 7 Episode 1

77. A young Tudor man, Francis, sing with glee when his beloved Catherine accepts marriage. Being in a Tudor street, however, he ends up singing (and getting covered in) urine!—Series 7 Episode 1

78. Let’s Talk About Theatre: A shocked presenter discovers the state of Tudor theatres as well as finding out the inspiration behind Romeo and Juliet-Romeus and Juliet!—Series 7 Episode 1

79. A Tudor Doctor advertises the importance of NOT eating your five-a-day—Series 7 Episode 1

80. A Tudor man who seeks the job as an actor in Shakespeare’s plays is disappointed with the young woman he’s playing (PART 2)—Series 7 Episode 1

81. Horrible Histories Horticultural Society Garden Show in the time of William Shakespeare (or HHHSGSITTOWS): Taking a look at the best Tudor gardening methods to keep pests away and the finding out why the Ottoman ‘Head’ Gardener is called so—Series 7 Episode 1

82. A Tudor man who had been seeking for a suitable job as an actor in one of Shakespeare’s plays has finally been granted a part, what he fears however is the awfully realistic bear noises the other ‘actor’ is making (PART 3)—Series 7 Episode 1


1. Mr. Tudor advertises his Exceedingly Nice Mince Pies—Series 3 Episode 12: Horrible Christmas Special

2. Historical Masterchef: Chef from Hampton Court—Series 3 Episode 12: Horrible Christmas Special

3. Witches as pets (previously unaired sketch)—Series 4 Episode 15: Scary Special

4. Dating in Darkness”: Henry VIII doesn’t realise that he’s been deceived by Anne of Cleves’ flattering portrait until it’s too late—Series 5 Episode 14: Ridiculous Romance


1. Elizabeth I’s Christmas present is an innovation fit for a Queen–a teeny clock on a strap—Series 3 Episode 12: Horrible Christmas Special (from SE03E06)

2. Elizabeth I’s temper tantrum over another portrait may help explain why she never married—Series 5 Episode 14: Ridiculous romance (from S02E01)


1. Divorced Beheaded & Died—Series 1 Episode 2

2. We’re Tudors—Series 1 Episode 4

3. Mary I—Series 4 Episode 10

4. William Shakespeare & The Quills—Series 4 Episode 11

5. The Original Tudor—Series 5 Episode 9

6. The Writer’s in the Pub—Series 7 Episode 1


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