We’re the Thinkers: Song & Lyrics

Here we come,
Through the market square,
With our funny,
Clothes and hair.

Aristotle and Socrates,
Plato and Diogenes,
Four fat scholars,
With our Greek philosophies.

Hey, hey,
We’re the Thinkers,
Wondering what,
Life is for.

We’re paid to,
Try and think up,
The answer
To that and more.

People found me irritating
Thanks to my interrogating
Like a toddler, was always asking why.

What is wisdom, what is beauty
What is nature, what is duty
Taught everything I know to
This next guy.

I’m Plato, was his pupil thinker
Ended up with inky fingers
Writing every word he taught me

Also had my own theory
Like for everything that we see
There’s a perfect version
To be found. Ooh!

Hey, hey,
We’re The Thinkers,
Mega brainy
Ancient Greeks

We’re always
Busy thinking
‘Cos the truth is
What we seek.

My name is Diogenes
I’m not one to say thanks or please
Poked statues and walked barefoot
In the snow.

Never believed in possessions
Thought they gave the wrong impression
Put faith in total freedom
Don’t you know.

I studied at Plato’s academy
Taught Alex the Great, I know everything me,
Intriged by the world
Wanted to show it all.

I took all their theories higher
Discovered more to water, earth, air and fire
Learned every science
I’m Mr Know-It-All!

Hey, hey
We’re The Thinkers
Very witty
Very wise

No one
Can have weak us
We are Athens
Brainiest guys.

Not everyone likes smarties though
Even Socrates had his foe
When tried for treason
He simply said “Why?”

They sentenced him to drink hemlock
He said “You know if I take stock
I am annoying, I’ll take that
And die.”

Hey, hey,
We’re The Thinkers
Gave us strife

But we don’t
Give a tinkers
Cause we taught them
All of our lives.