Rotten Romans

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Horrible Histories Series 1 Episode 1-Roman funeral

1. The pre-gladiatorial custom of staging fights at funerals—Series 1 Episode 1

Horrible Histories Series 1 Episode 1-Roman gladiator school

2. Imagine spot: High school for aspiring gladiators—Series 1 Episode 1

3. Nero uses Christians as candles—Series 1 Episode 3

HHTV Sport

4. Imagine spot: HHTV Sport: Lions vs Christians—Series 1 Episode 3


5. HHTV News: Bob Hale’s Roman Report—Series 1 Episode 4

6. Caligula tries improving his image with the help of a speechwriter—Series 1 Episode 4

7. Caligula declares war against Poseidon—Series 1 Episode 5

8. Imagine spot: Things to remember when you’re a galley slave—Series 1 Episode 6

9. Dodgy War Inventions No. 7: the Onager—Series 1 Episode 6

10. Fearsome Gaulish leader Vercingetorix is unexpectedly stymied by bad weather in “The Battle of Avaricum” (film trailer)—Series 1 Episode 8

11. The invention of decimation as a military punishment—Series 1 Episode 8

12. Make all your wishes come true (sort of) with Roman Gods Direct—Series 1 Episode 9

13. A general tries desperately to appease all the right gods prior to battle—Series 1 Episode 9

14. Sponge on a Stick (advertisement)—Series 1 Episode 10

15. Viper Deodorant (advertisement)—Series 1 Episode 10

16. The gladiator games run out of animals at the worst possible moment—Series 1 Episode 12

17. Checking in with Execution Animals “Я” Us—Series 1 Episode 12

18. A Roman chef is disgusted with the state of newly conquered Britain’s cuisine on “Roman Kitchen Nightmares” (Gordon Ramsay parody)—Series 1 Episode 13

19. A naive visitor is forced to use Rome’s (very) public communal toilets—Series 1 Episode 13

Horrible Histories Series 2 Episode 1-2-Rotten Romans-Roman Come Dine With Me2

20. Roman Come Dine with Me: Emperor Elagabalus—Series 2 Episode 1

21. Christians compete to avoid Roman persecution on “I’m a Christian, Get Me out of Here!”—Series 2 Episode 3

22. Emperor Nero’s marital woes are featured in “Love You to Death” (film trailer)—Series 2 Episode 3

Horrible Histories Series 6 Episode 9-Bolshy Boudica-5-AVE! Magazine1

23. Ave! Magazine: Profiling celebrity gladiator Spiculus—Series 2 Episode 3

24. Door-to-door dung salesman—Series 2 Episode 5

25. How to behave at a Roman dinner party (parody of an educational film)—Series 2 Episode 5

26. Emperor Elagabalus’ Romo Lottery Millions—Series 2 Episode 6

27. Paranoid Emperor Tiberius is suspicious of a Capresi peasant bearing gifts—Series 2 Episode 6

28. News of the Empire: Julius Caesar Special—Series 2 Episode 8

29. Crimewatch BC—Series 2 Episode 8

30. Caligula recoups by attacking the sea after forgetting to tell the army about his planned British invasion—Series 2 Episode 11

31. Life as a legionary—Series 2 Episode 11

32. An Andabatae gladiator needs encouragement before heading into the arena—Series 2 Episode 12

Stupid Deaths

33. Stupid Deaths: Diodorus the hunchback—Series 2 Episode 12

Horrible Histories Series 3 Episode 1 picture 1

34. A general will go to any lengths to qualify for the Roman triumph—Series 3 Episode 1

Horrible Histories Series 3 Episode 1 picture 2

35. Introducing the new aBook—Series 3 Episode 1

Horrible Histories Series 3 Episode 4-20-Rotten Romans-Historical Crime Squad, Caligula4

36. Historical Crime Squad: The case of Caligula and the mystery assassins—Series 3 Episode 4

Horrible Histories Series 3 Episode 4-21-Rotten Romans-Video Game, Arena Fighter1

37. Video game: Arena Fighter—Series 3 Episode 4

Horrible Histories Series 3 Episode 4-24-Rotten Romans-Checking the Gladiator

38. Making sure gladiator casualties were really dead—Series 3 Episode 4

39. Historical Hospital: A Roman physician prescribes gladiator’s blood as a tonic—Series 3 Episode 5

40. Shouty Man: New! Criminal’s Head—Series 3 Episode 5

Horrible Histories Series 3 Episode 7-46-Rotten Romans-Caligula's recovery2

41. A newly recovered Caligula demands that those who offered their lives to the gods in exchange for his must now pay up—Series 3 Episode 7

Horrible Histories Series 3 Episode 9-39-Rotten Romans-Tabellarii Messanger3

42. Tabellarii messenger service, the classical equivalent of text messaging—Series 3 Episode 9

Horrible Histories Series 3 Episode 9-41-Rotten Romans-Smuggling Weapons into Rome2

43. A nervous smuggler runs into an unexpected obstacle in trying to run weapons past the gates of Rome—Series 3 Episode 9

44. Danke magazine: Barbarian fashion tips—Series 3 Episode 10

45. The conquering barbarian hordes find deciding where exactly to begin sacking Rome isn’t as simple as it seems—Series 3 Episode 10

Horrible Histories Series 4 Episode 6-22-Rotten Romans-Roman Salary1

46. A legionary on payday is dismayed to discover that he’s on the wrong end of the controversy surrounding the origins of the word ‘salary’—Series 4 Episode 6

Horrible Histories Series 4 Episode 6-26-Rotten Romans-Recruting for the Roman Army2

47. A reluctant army conscript comes up with some truly creative–if not very original–excuses to avoid service—Series 4 Episode 6

Horrible Histories Series 4 Episode 6-31-Rotten Romans-Godcompare2

48. God Compare helps Gaulish warriors decide to which of their pantheon to sacrifice a prisoner (parody of Go Compare advertisements)—Series 4 Episode 6

Horrible Histories Series 4 Episode 7-29-Rotten Romans-The Praetorian guards1

49. The Praetorian guard is much better at saluting than they are protecting Emperors–and they aren’t very good at saluting—Series 4 Episode 7

Horrible Histories Series 4 Episode 7-37-Rotten Romans-Shouty Man-Emperor Statue6

50. Shouty Man: New! Always-Current Emperor Statue—Series 4 Episode 7

51. Nero provides typically disastrous disaster relief to the victims of the Great Fire of Rome—Series 4 Episode 8

52. Video game: Scorpus Chariot Racer—Series 4 Epsiode 8

53. Balding but still style-conscious Julius Caesar invents the ‘Romeover’—Series 4 Episode 9


54. HHTV News: Bob Hale’s Roman Britain Report—Series 4 Episode 9

55. Historical Dentist: The Roman dentist goes to extreme measures to get ingredients for a treatment—Series 4 Episode 12

56. What happened if the criminals thrown from the Tarpeian Rock weren’t killed by the fall—Series 4 Episode 12

Horrible Histories Series 5 Episode 4-Roman Thou Hst Been Framed

57. Thou Hast Been Framed! features the best of royal bloopers—Series 5 Episode 4

Series 5 Episode 6-Rotten Romans-Shouty Man-New Roman Dog

58. Shouty Man: New! Roman Dog, the cuddly multi-‘furpose’ companion—Series 5 Episode 6

Series 5 Episode 6-Rotten Romans-Cato and cabbages

59. Cato the Elder and his equally universal cabbage cures—Series 5 Episode 6

60. Army officers might just be underestimating the possibility of a barbarian ambush in the Teutoburg Forest—Series 5 Episode 7

61. An Emperor becomes a legend in “Augustus: the Movie”–with some not-so-incidental help from the guy who actually did all the work (film trailer)—Series 5 Episode 7

62. A farmer protests against the building of the Hadrian’s Wall—Series 5 Episode 8

Sport Special-24-HH Movie Pitch-Baron de Coubertin1

63. HH Movie Pitch: Can Julius Caesar’s unconventional rise to power really earn him the first movie deal?—Series 5 Episode 8

64. Wonders of the Roman Universe: Exploring the Roman Universe—Series 5 Episode 9

65. The Battle of Drepanum hinges on the fate of a sacred–and not incidentally seasick–chicken—Series 5 Episode 9

66. Shouty Man: New! Roman Baths—Series 5 Episode 10

Stupid Deaths

67. Stupid Deaths: Emperor Domitian—Series 5 Episode 10

Stupid Deaths

68. Stupid Deaths: Pliny the Elder—Series 5 Episode 11

69. Historical Apprentice: Team Maximus and Team Minimus vie to create and exploit a celebrity gladiator—Series 5 Episode 11

Horrible Histories Series 6 Episode 9-Bolshy Boudica-9-History's Craziest Fools-Emperor Caligula3

70. History’s Craziest Fools: Emperor Caligula—Series 6 Episode 9

Horrible Histories Series 6 Episode 9-Bolshy Boudica-29-Historical Desktops-Emperor Nero5

71. Historical Desktops: Emperor Nero doesn’t seem bothered at first by Boudicca, but when you dislike his Boo-Tube videos you’re History—Series 6 Episode 9


1. The origin of the gladiatorial games involved staging fights to the death at funerals (S01E01)—Sport Special

2. Video game: Scorpus Chariot Racer (S04E08)—Sport Special

3. Emperor Nero’s complicated love life features in “Love You To Death” (film trailer, S02E03)—Scary Special

4. Historical Desktops: Mark Antony inadvertently demonstrates the (extreme) dangers of online dating when he accepts a friend request from Cleopatra (S02E02)—Ridiculous Romance Special


Horrible Histories Series 3 Episode 7 and SONG We're Bad Emperors promotional image

1. The Evil Emperors’ Song—Series 3 Episode 7

Horrible Histories Series 5 Episode 4-Song-Marcus Lassinius Crassus1

2. Crassus: Minted—Series 5 Episode 4


-Series 1: 19 sketches

–Series 2: 13 sketches

—Series 3: 13 sketches

—-Series 4: 11 sketches

—–Series 5: 13 sketches

——Series 6: 2 sketches


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