The Ages of Stone: Song & Lyrics

I’m sure you’ve heard the Stone Age occurred,
For two and a half million years.
But there’s more of Stone Age to engage,
Than maybe it first appears.

Dinosaurs, Neanderthals,
Let’s make this clearer.
Didn’t live together,
Came from different eras.
That’s not all I can tell you,
So much more to be known.
About the many phases,
In the ages of stone.


It’s all the rage.

To skiddly-bap-doo-wa

Brush up on your Stone Age.

Oh yeah! All right!

It’s fine to define,
An era Palaeolithic.
But you’re gonna have to be,
A little more specific.
Do you mean lower,
When ancient beings first used tools?
Or middle Palaeolithic,
When Neanderthal ruled?

That’s when Homo sapiens,
Starts to emerge
But just in Africa,
It’s long before the global surge.
Not till upper Palaeolithic,
Forty thousand years ago.
Did Neanderthal and Homo sapiens say hello,
Neanderthal and Homo sapi,
Living in caveman harmony.

Language was invented,
Cave painting art.
Then Palaeolithic ended,
Which meant the start.
Of phase two-be-doo-be-doo-wap

Turn a new page.


Buck up on the Stone Age.

Oh yeah! All right!

This is where it starts to,
Get all scientific.
Palaeolithic’s followed by,
The era Mesolithic.
Then Neanderthals are wiped out,
By the ice age – horrific!
After which the Neolithic age,
Was terrific.

Man learned to farm,
Built homes so they could settle.
Then some other folks turned up,
And they discovered metal.
Beaker men from Europe,
Found bronze and outgrown.
The simple and traditional ways of stone.

Bronze Age was invented,
By now man was flying.
‘Cause hot on it’s heels,
Came the age of iron.
Celts, Druids,
Religion then Rome.
By now a distant memory,
Those ages of stone.


Since that metallic stage.


There was no more Stone Age.


Now you know what is known,
About the many phases of the ages of stone

Yeah! All right!