Series 8 confirmed for 2019!

That’s right! An eighth series of Horrible Histories is set to air on CBBC next year!

Writer Dave Cohen has confirmed the series will air on CBBC and Greg Jenner has also made comment he is working among 12 other historians. No other details, including the cast, have been confirmed but we can guess it will be a full-length series of 15 episodes.

The series is in writing and it could be some time until more information is revealed.


The Russian Revolution was covered in a Viva La Vida parody.

Series 6 and 7 aired episodes each with their own theme, the seventh, which finished airing this year, had good reviews. It is expected series 8 will not be much different, and hopefully the ace HH team will keep alive the magic for their latest series…

The Series 7 Cast.


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