Victoria & Albert: A Love Ballad

For 40 years I ruled alone
She’d all those tears while on the throne
What got me through the pain and hurt
Was clinging to the memory of Albert.

I loved her so, my darling Vicky
So much, you know almost made me sicky
I was not liked in your country
But who cares when I had her love for me
Her love for me

Oh V and A
Oh A and V
Each way it spells L O V E
Oh A and V
Oh V and A
They’ll name a building after us one day

In love from our first Rendezvous
As queen had to propose to you
You were my rock in a crisis
Like when someone tried to shoot you but they missed

We were a real celebrity pair
Was first Queen Vic, first Albert Square
The press watched every smile and flirt
Called us Alboria but I prefer Vicbert
Or you can call me Al

Oh Bert and Vic
Oh Vic and Bert
Nine kids made me found in hurt
Oh Vic and Bert
Oh Bert and Vic
Yet I found babies ugly ironic

Eur! My eyes!

We set trends,
Started new traditions.
Christmas trees,
Wearing tartan with style.
Albert backed
The Great Exhibition.
Which made great Britain,

At last!

Oh Vic and Al
Oh Al and Vic
You showed our kids love with your stick
Oh Al and Vic
Oh Vic and Al
Ours was a truly grand affair royale.

Then Albert died
Which left just me
Just V no A
No A just V
Oh how I mourned my special pal
I love you Vic
I love you Al