HHTV Apprentice needed!

We are looking for an apprentice to help us build our new website on Wix, which will hopefully be complete next year. If you are interested please get in touch with us.

We need help with:

  • Sketch pages with a list of each sketch (so each HHTV Sport sketch on that page) and its description
  • Series 1-5 episodes, listing each sketch with a description
  • Historical eras – a list of each sketch, with a description, for each era.
  • Song lyrics copied from this website to the new one.
  • Spelling checking. There is no spell-check on Wix, so some spelling/grammar may not be accurate.

We would also like:

  • Someone to look out for Series 7 news on the internet.
  • Some professional help to make digital posters/media related to Horrible Histories.
  • Some professional help to get the message across about us once the site is complete.
  • Some professional feedback/comments about the website and how to improve.

If you would like to help with any of that, any work you do would be appreciated.

To become an apprentice please email us: horriblehistoriestv@outlook.com

Please Tweet @HHTV_ or comment any questions you have.

Please remember we are a website that brings the latest Horrible Histories news, not the actual TV show itself.

This is all voluntary, none of this paid.


From WordPress to Wix

We’ve had a good run here on WordPress, however after more than a year of our blog and website, we’ve decided to make an updated website using ‘Wix’.

Don’t worry though-our blog will continue, and all our data will be transferred to our new site-the only difference is we’ll have more room for pictures and the layout looks a lot cooler, apart from that everything will be exactly the same!

WordPress is a brilliant website for blogging, of which we have made over 115 posts with. Wix, however, is better for layout and presentation.

Below is a sneak peak of the new website, still in progress. With Wix we can use all the space and move things around to how we want them to look.

The new site should be up and running hopefully next month. This site will remain active, however all future news, blogs, content and media will appear on the new website and on our Twitter page (@HHTV_ / twitter.com).

In the meantime send in your suggestions-what would you like to see on the new site that we haven’t included on this site?

More news to follow.

Site Plans for 2016

As we approach the new year (2016) we have got some plans and ideas for the site in mind:

  1. We plan to gather more episode pictures to use.
  2. We are going to try and finish the sketch pages.
  3. We are going to try and finish the historical era pages.
  4. We would like to add a ‘watch’ page for each sketch so you can just click on the clear link and watch the video without having to read descriptions and info.
  5. We would like to jazz up the homepage and make sure all video links are working.
  6. We would like to start to add on to the video pages themselves with information, pictures and a quiz question.
  7. We would like to try to make more posts.

In summary we would like to improve the website over the course of the entire year (as of February we will have completed our first year). Once we start to do this we can hopefully gain more viewers. For those interested, in our first year (from February 2015) we have had a total of over 46, 000 views and our best month was October with 7,746 views. If you know someone who would like this sort of website, HH fans, school children or teachers then please let them know we are here and are improving over the year.

2015 has been a great year so far, and hopefully 2016 will be even better.

Happy New Year all!

Awesome Advent!

Watch out for our awesome advent calendar starting in December! A brand new post with either a vile video or  petrifying picture along with some foul facts as we count down to Christmas every day!


– Frightful First World War Special: pictures
Horrible Histories Series 3 Episode 9-30-Frightful First World War-Soldier

Even more Horrible!

It’s been a while since we’ve posted some HH news, and quite frankly there isn’t any now the sixth series is over. However, whenever there is a special event we will try to keep up with our Singing/Silly Saturday posts; and as Bonfire night is just around the corner we’ll try to jazz up our home page to celebrate the event with the best Guy Fawkes videos.

Horrible Histories Series 3 Episode 4-1-Simy Stuarts-Guy Fawkes

Also, the website is still developing, but we plan to finish the historical eras hopefully by the end of this year/start of next. We are also working on video pages to add related videos and information about the sketch. As ever, any inquiries or questions just get in touch and leave a comment!

-The HHTV Team

More news soon…

ViThe website will still be available next week, however there will be a delay to the updating of the ‘Series 6 Episode 11’ page, and the top 10 pictures post from that episode will also be delayed, including any further news. By Sunday 2nd August we will try our best to update the Series 6 news. In the meantime, check out Wikipedia’s Series 6 page and The British Comedy Guide for further episode descriptions and titles, and the CBBC website for a sneak peek of the next song.

Upcoming posts (roughly)

-Monday 3rd August: Tricky Queen Vicky: Top 10!

-Wednesday 5th August: Cruel Cromwell: Top 10!

-Thursday 6th August: Coming Soon: Savage Songs

Upcoming episodes:

-Monday 27th July: Series 6 Episode 11 (Tricky Queen Vicky)

-Monday 3rd August: Series 6 Episode 12 (Cruel Cromwell)

-Episode 13: Savage Songs, Episode 14: Rotten/Ruthless Rulers, Episode 15: Wicked World.


Updated news will continue as normal on Sunday 2nd August 2015. Enjoy Tricky Queen Vicky’s episode, and we apologies for the delay of the episode pictures. You can view pics from all the other episode in Series 6 on their episode pages, and our favourite 10 of those in all the ‘Top 10″ posts. Sorry for any disruption caused.

-The HH News team

P.S. Here’s a sneak peak for Cruel Cromwell’s episode (not definite title).

Cruel Cromwell3 Cruel Cromwell2 Cruel Cromwell1 Series 6 opening sequence-Charles + Civil War Series 6 opening sequence-Charles + Civil War3 Cromwell

Series 6: Rotten Rulers

That’s the official title of the new series, and you catch up with it now on iTunes!


In other news, all but three od the sketch pages are finished (hooray!) so check them out! Also, spread the news about Series 6, and send out links to this website-we’re aren’t getting many views! Don’t forget Rowan Atkinson’s back tomorrow at 5PM.

Two more things: Don’t forget to vote-how did you find the Naughty Napoleon episode? And if you want to see all the polls they’ve been moved under ‘latest new’ at the top.