Horrible Histories Series 6: Our predictions for upcoming episodes

The first episode of the new series has already aired, with a brand new opening sequence and cast. But what’s next for the series? We already know from the media some of the things that are coming up, but using the Series 6 opening credits, we know even more… (Shown in order of opening credits, not appearance)

Series 6 opening sequence-Terrible Tudors

We know there will be a special about Queen Mary

Series 6 opening sequence-Georgious Georgians Series 6 opening sequence-Georgious Georgians2

We know there will be a special about George III.

Series 6 opening sequence-Fighting Frenchmen + Napoleon

We know there will be a special about Napoleon.

Series 6 opening sequence-Vile Victorians

We know there will be a special about Queen Victoria.

Series 6 opening sequence-Woeful Wars2 Series 6 opening sequence-Woeful Wars

We know there will be a special about Winston Churchill.

Series 6 opening sequence-Cut-Throat Celts

There could most possibly be a special about Boudicca or another Celtic leader.

Series 6 opening sequence-Awful Egyptians Series 6 opening sequence-Awful Egyptians2 Series 6 opening sequence-Awful Egyptians3

There could also most possibly be a special about an Egyptian leader/Pharaoh.

Series 6 opening sequence-Smashing Saxons2 Series 6 opening sequence-Smashing Saxons Series 6 opening sequence-Smashing Saxons3

There might be a special about a Saxon leader or King?

Series 6 opening sequence-Rottens2 Series 6 opening sequence-Rotten Romans

We know there will be a special about an Emperor.

Series 6 opening sequence-Charles + Civil War

There will be a special about Charles I/Oliver Cromwell and England’s Civil War .

Series 6 opening sequence-Daring Knights2 Series 6 opening sequence-Daring Knights Series 6 opening sequence-picture1 Series 6 opening sequence-Measly Middle Ages

There will be lots of Middle Ages specials, along with King John and Magna Carta.

And so that adds up with what could most possibly be what the new 12 episodes will be about. (in no particular order:)

1. Henry VIII (Rowan Atkinson)

2. King John and Magna Carta (Ben Miller)

3. George III (Simon Farnaby)

4. Boudica/Another Celtic Leader

5. A Saxon Warrior/King

6. Queen Victoria (Martha Howe-Douglas)

7. Mary I

8. Oliver Cromwell (Lawry Lewin) (and Charles I and the English Civil War)

9. An Egyptian Pharaoh/Leader

10. Napoleon (Jim Howick)

11. Winston Churchill (Jim Howick)

12. A Roman Emperor/Leader (Ben Wilbon)

So, will be correct? We’ll find out after the series finishes airing!

RESULTS: (06/09/15)

The Series finished airing towards the end of August, and if you want to see more detail about the Series check out our posts about each episode as the Series went through, or check out the ‘Series 6’ page. So, how did we do?

Henry VIII, King John, Napoleon, Churchill, Queen Victoria, Cromwell and Mary I (of Scotland) were all correct! We also guessed Boudica as a possibility, A Saxon warrior or King, which was Alfred, and an Egyptian pharaoh-Cleopatra! And, as these were from looking at the opening credits, although there wasn’t a whole episode on one, we saw many Roman Emperors, including Nero, Caligula, Caesar and Anthony. The only one we didn’t guess was William the Conqueror, but we did guess there would be more Middle Ages Kings.

So, for more pictures and episode info check out the Series 6 page, or some of our many posts all the way from when the Series started, to when it ended!

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