The Series 6 cast revealed!

It’s now official who will be casting who in the new series, which is said to be continued later this year!

1. Ben Miller will play King John (or has played)

2. Jessica Ransom will play Mary Queen of Scots

3. Rowan Atkinson will play King Henry VIII

4. Lorna Watson will play Boudicca

5. Kevin Eldon will play William I

6. Kathryn Drysdale will play Cleopatra

7. Tom Rosenthal will play King Alfred

8. Lawry Lewin will play Oliver Cromwell

9. Sarah Hadland will play Queen Victoria

10. Simon Farnaby will play King George III

11. Jim Howick will play Winston Churchill

12. Jim Howick will play Napolean

And now we just wait to see who will next in the sensational sixth series! It is said to air later this year-our guesses are either summer, or early Autumn. We already have a glimpse of some things that will happen based on the opening credits:

Series 6 opening sequence-Smashing Saxons3 Series 6 opening sequence-Fighting Frenchmen + Napolean Series 6 opening sequence-Georgious Georgians2 CBBC's Horrible Histories


6 thoughts on “The Series 6 cast revealed!

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    • Thank you for your comment! We agree, this site could do with more attention, although it is fairly new, beginning this year with the news of Series 6. Some of the more recent pages do need some work to them such as the Historical eras pages. Right now we are working on the sketch pages (along with Series 6) before anything else, but hopefully over the summer the website will improve with complete pages. I’m glad you like the Series 6 stuff, stay tuned for more, and let us know what you think of the website and how we could improve it.

      Again, thanks’ for the comment! -The HHTV Team

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