Series 6 Episode 5



Naughty Napoleon


“We follow Napoleon as he rises from humble beginnings to be the Emperor of France, bashing most of Europe along the way, and ultimately meeting his Waterloo at, well, Waterloo! Meanwhile across the world we meet the Indian traveller who brought Shampoo to the world.”


Monday 15th June


Horrible Histories Series 6 Episode 5-Naughty Napoleon-1-Title Screen

Napoleon waits patiently to get into the French Army, whilst the French revolution happens, executing the monarchs as well as French soldiers for being disloyal

Napoleon returns to meet his beloved Josephine, who soon gets annoyed at Napoleon’s behaviour

Sake Dean Mahomet presents his brand new hair cleaning device, ‘shampoo’ (advertisement)

Edward Jenner comes up with a new solution to cowpox, which proves effective compared to the old method (advertisement)

Battle of the Day: Napoleon’s VS Europe. Watch Napoleons slow conquest of Europe, as even his losses are wins for France

The Duke of Wellington learns that Napoleon was not vanquished as he had thought

SONG: Napoleon sings about his fighting life

Waterloo Fest 1815: Battle of Waterloo. The French decide to wait for the ground to dry up, meanwhile The British decide to have a party before fighting! As for The Prussians, their leader, General Blucher, thinks he is pregnant with an elephant!

Historical Countryfile: Exiled to another edition, Napoleon’s last exile on St. Helena, where he decides to take a spot of gardening. Peaceful? Not a chance! (parody of Countryfile)

Chatty Death: Napoleon talks about his rise and fall, whilst Death winds him up


Naughty Napoleon song: (parody of Skrillex)


Napoleon Napoleon

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