Series 6 Episode 14




Monday 17th August 2015


Rattus goes on a round the world trip, and looks back at some of the most horrible happenings and rotten rulers from all over the historical world. He soon learns, It’s a Wicked World!

Napoleon sings about his fighting life (Song from S06E05)

Saladin explains his plan during The Crusades (S06E01)

King John’s Quiz Question

Battle of the Day: Genghis Khan (S06E01)

Historical Catwalk: Medieval Women- The Final: Three medieval women from different places in the medieval world battle it off with some odd but fashionable designs (New sketch)

Confucius has some strange sayings which are even more popular with a few funnier changes! Preview of ‘Confucius: Confuciusly Confusing!’ DVD (S06E07)

“I’m a Chinese Celebrity Get Me Outta Here!”: Emperor Wu Zeitan (S06E02)

Words We Get From: India (S06E08)

History’s Craziest Fools: Mr. H takes a look at The Battle of Lepanto, 1571, where the Ottomans start a dance off, and fire fruit! (S06E04)

Historical Restrooms: A businessman uses a Medieval toilet (S06E01)

Empress of India: Crowned Empress of India, Victoria refuses to actually go to the country (Song from S06E11)


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