Series 6 Episode 13




Rotten Rulers Special


Monday 10th August 2015


Horrible Histories Series 6 Episode 13-Rotten Rulers Special-1-Title Screen

Rattus wants a go to see what being a ruler is like, by standing up for the new Rat King. Along with three of the Series’ animated characters, Rattus fills the gaps between each sketch with his campaign plans, news and results. But as he soon realises, being ruler isn’t everything it seems.

The Barons and King John have a rap battle at Runnymede (S06E01)

Caesar seems unable to get a grip on the floors of Cleo’s palace (S06E07)

Napoleon returns to meet his beloved Josephine, who soon gets annoyed at Napoleon’s behaviour (S06E05)

Cromwell’s Quiz Question

King Alfred’s bottom problems (S06E02)

The five Marys go about their business until they learn of Francis’ death (shortened version of original sketch, S06E04)

Mary Queen of Scots’ Quiz Question

History’s Craziest Fools: William the Conqueror (S06E03)

George III’s Quiz Question

My Big Fat Tudor Wedding: Cromwell convinces Henry to marry Anne of Cleves, but they couple soon regret it after marriage (S06E06)

Churchill’s Way: Churchill won the war, but sadly for him couldn’t win the next election (Song from S06E10)


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