Series 6 Episode 11



Tricky Queen Vicky


A special episode of the historical sketch show about Queen Victoria, starring Sarah Hadland. We meet young Vicky as she becomes queen aged only 18, marries her true love Albert and has to put up with the open sewers at the not-so-luxurious Buckingham Palace. Meanwhile, across the world, we catch up with Australian outlaw Ned Kelly and discover plans for the Great Hedge of India. Yes, hedge! With, of course, our host Rattus to guide the way!


Monday 27th July 2015


Horrible Histories Series 6 Episode 11-Tricky Queen Vicky-1-Title screen

The young Queen’s speech unexpectedly turns into a temper tantrum

Then Magazine: Queen Vicky’s marriage to Albert isn’t the most romantic love story

Vicky’s Palace Secrets: Vicky shows us her palace and how pleasant it is too love there, especially for Albert…not!

Queen Vicky’s art collection proves more than Albert can handle

Historical Clinic: Dr. Morgan, a Victorian surgeon’s idea of sanitation is not so sanitary

SONG: Empress of India: Crowned Empress of India, Victoria refuses to actually go to the country

Historical Grand Designs: Breaking up India with a massive hedge sounds like a brilliant plan-but reality isn’t that brilliant

History’s Craziest Fools: Ned Kelly: The Australian outlaw was defiantly crazy, but proved quite smart too

The fad of the bicycle causes trouble between a devoted couple

Chatty Death: Queen Vicky talks about her record-breaking reign and her mournful later life


Empress of India (Parody of Bollywood Films)


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