NEW HH 2016: The complete cast announced!

We now have information on the complete new cast for Series 7, coming in April 2016, directed by Tom Miller!


Tom Stourton, Jalaal Hartley, Jessica Ransom


Thom Tuck, Richard David-Caine, Gemma Whelan, and Richard Atwill


Robert Webb, Mel Giedroyc, and Miles Jupp


Daniel Lawrence-Taylor, Louise Ford, Dominique Moore, and Natalie Walter

Apart from Dominique Moore and Jalaal Hartley (originals) and Tom Stourton and Jessica Ransom, the cast is made of some brand new actors, who hopefully will be just as amazing as the original and Series 6 cast!

On the page where we got this information it says ‘Series of specials’. So far we know there are three new specials, however it seems funny the popular Horrible Histories would only have 3 specials in a ‘series’, usually consisting of 12-15. Also, the fact we have seen they have a brand new opening sequence, unless it is shortened, seems funny that it would be so long for just 3 specials. Therefore, it may just be possible that the new Series may be longer than just 3 episodes with a whole new cast-but then again, we could be wrong!


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