NEW HH 2016: Word Battle sketch & Opening

Remember the post last year, I’d like to speak to the writer’s please!, (click on it to read it)? In the description of Series 6 Episode 12: ‘Orrible Oliver Cromwell it stated: “and the great writers Shakespeare and Milton square up for a word battle”. Plus, there was a picture in the opening credits, which we can quite easily assume is Shakespeare with another 17th Century well-dressed gentleman, who must be Milton!

Series 6 opening sequence-Charles + Civil War3

Well, although they appeared in the opening for HH Series 6, its quite possible there could have been a mix up. The man in the picture to the left is quite clearly Tom Stourton who we now know is going to play Shakespeare. So perhaps Shakespeare will be appearing in a word battle against Milton. We’ll all find out soon!

This also raises another question-if the series is just three episodes long, how long will the opening credits be? Will the credits be the same as Series 6, which possibly featured a scene from Series 7 (So are the two Series’ sharing the same opening sequence)? Or will they come up with a special, shorter opening sequence for series 7? So many questions, so little answers-we’re working on finding the answers!

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