NEW HH 2016: three more Savage Specials!

This year there are to be 3 new episodes to air in the style of the sixth series, one of which will be about William Shakespeare.

We do not know if these will be part of the sixth series (as specials or normal episodes*) or if they will kick of a brand new seventh series (which will seem quite short unless added too). We also don’t know what the casting will be, however it is probable that the new cast will be starring based on tweets, but we cannot confirm anything yet and don’t know is Mathew Baynton will play his original character of William Shakespeare.

Greg Jenner tweeted:

I can confirm the Shakespeare episode of #HorribleHistories has a brilliantly catchy song. In fact, it has three

Adrian Bott tweeted:

@greg_jenner Are you also confirming that there is a new series coming along the same lines as the last? 😀

Greg Jenner replied:

@Cavalorn 3 special episodes like the last

The episode should be out in April, and there should be two more to follow. As always we’ll keep you updated, and once on TV decided which series this will classify as.

*Normal episodes being ones based on historical figures, specials being ‘rotten rulers special’ and ‘savage songs special’

Savage Songs and Lousy Lyrics!

Hooray! We now have the lyrics to every song from Series 6 except for Napoleon Bonaparte, and Court Life-we should have the lyrics for those soon. You can listen to each song on the CBBC website, and sing along on this website. So head over and check out these lousy lyrics, to each savage song!

Which song was your favourite? Check out the Home page to vote! Also, have you given your feedback about the new Series? If not, why so? Click on both links below to fill in a 2-part survey-we’d love to know what you think of the new series!

Series complete!

That is all for Series 6, including the posts. Our website was created when news came about for HH Series 6, so until there’s hopefully a 7th Series, we will keep you up to date with more TV news, or other exciting news for HH fans. We now of course have more time to focus on getting up more videos and adding more detail and pictures to episode and sketch pages.

Remember to let us know what you think of HH Series 6-

One more question folks-we’d appreciate it if you all answered this honestly-and consider every aspect of the Series: the cast, the sketches, the facts, the jokes, the songs, the music, the theme, ect.

Is that all for Series 6?

Not quite! We’ve created two surveys about the Series, under 20 questions in total, and we’d very much appreciate it if you spared us 5 minutes of your time to fill these out. These our for the purpose of our general interest about Series 6, and will not be sent off to the BBC or Lion TV. They shouldn’t take long, and are some simple questions about how you found the Series, and what you would like if there was a Series 7. Just click on the both links below, as it is a 2-part survey.

If you do want Horrible Histories to know what you think, email Lion TV, not BBC, as they produce the show. Thankyou if you completed the survey, and we once again appreciate that verily.

Savage Songs Special: Top 10!

The last episode of HH Series 6 aired on Monday, with a complication of the best songs from the series, whilst Rattus tries to make it into the music business with his new album-Sewertown funk! Check out all the pictures and detail on Series 6 Episode 15!

So, for one last time of the Series: The top 10 pictures from that episode!

So now we’d like you to vote for your favourite song of the Series, and the ruler you think was the most rotten! It won’t take you more than a minute, and both polls go down in order of episode, so it shouldn’t be hard to find yours, even if you don’t recognise the name!

Unfortunately that’s the end of Series 6, and what a great Series it’s been. Hopefully HH will return for a 7th Series, with even more horrible history-but we’ll have to wait and see. If you want to share your ideas and feedback, contact Lion TV, the producers of the show, but we’d also love to know-and what a better way to let us know that via a survey-stay tuned for more Series 6 posts!



It’s a Wicked World: Top 10!

On Monday the next highlights Special aired, with Rattus taking a trip around the world and taking a look back at some of the most horrible happenings we’ve seen throughout the Series! Another hilarious highlight episode-and to highlight the hilariousness, the top 10 pictures from the special!

That leaves us with one more episode: Savage Songs! It airs on Monday at 5:00pm on CBBC-Don’t miss it! In the meantime check out the home page, and VOTE! We want to know who your fav actor was of the new cast, and which of our 10 favourite Top 10 pictures is your favourite! Click here, and scroll down to ‘Latest Polls’ now!

Bolshy Boudica: Top 10!

Lorna Watson did an absolutely great job as a fierce Celtic Queen! There were also some great Cut-Throat Celt and Rotten Roman sketches in there, and a lot was learnt! But don’t just take our word for it, take our pictures: the top 10!

And if you want more pictures, see our episode page for loads more information.

It wasn’t just the Celts that could be cruel though, so could the Romans. And as Mr. H said, the worst thing in the Ancient world is crazy fools with lots of power-and that’s exactly what they got!

What do you think? Use your knowledge from previous episodes to help decide.

Sadly the Series is coming to a close with only six episodes left: Churchill, Cromwell, Victoria, Savage Songs, Ruthless/Rotten Rulers and Wicked World. At the end of August the series will close with the grand Series finale. We don’t know that much about ‘Series 6 Episode 15: Wicked World‘, but we can only assume it will tell some of the most terrible tales from our wicked world, possibly based on the 12 characters we’ve mainly looked at this series. And we can assume and hope they’ve got a brilliant series finale song! Let’s just hope it’s not the Horrible Histories TV show finale song, meaning this will be the last Series.

Wily Winston Churchill’s got a brilliant new song, parody of My Way by Frank Sinatra. Victoria’s Queen of India Song will be a parody of lot’s of Bollywood songs.

Series 6: Final Five

The final five episode orders have been released! After Boudicca on Monday, Episode 10 will take a look at Churchill and Ghandi in “Wily Winston Churchill”

“This episode follows Winston Churchill from a young soldier in India during the time of Queen Victoria, through the First World War, to victory in World War II, and finally to his retirement in the Swinging Sixties. Meanwhile across the world, meet the American soldier literally spreading propaganda around the battlefields, and learn about Gandhi’s more eccentric side”. This episode will include ‘Diary of a Winston Kid’ sketch, and see Americans dropping toilet roll with Hitler’s face on them over France and Italy!

The other two episode titles have not been announced yet, but we know Cromwell and Queen Victoria will be next (in that order) with Lawry Lewin and Sarah Hadland. After which, Episode 13 will be the Savage Songs special, Episode 14 will be the Rotten/Ruthless Rulers special, and lastly the series finale: Wicked World!

Naughty Napoleon: Top 10!

Wow, an absolutely amazing episode, well done Jim Horrick, and all the writer’s of that episode-perhaps the best episode this series? Well, these are the best pictures from the episode!

So what do you think- best episode this series?

So who’s next? Horrd Henry VIII, played by Mr. Bean and Blackadder star, Rowan Atkinson: “We meet the young Henry as he struggles with his boring dad Henry VII, before becoming King himself, and going through wives like most people go through toothbrushes! Meanwhile across the world we meet the great Ottoman leader Suleiman the Magnificent in Turkey, and the mad, bad, and very dangerous to know Emperor Zhengde in China” PLUS: Check out Henry VIII’s awesome song! Click here!

And it’s been confirmed that Crafty Cleopatra will be next! Stay tuned for more news!

More Series 6 News!

That’s right folks, we’ve got more Series 6 news!

-Boudicca will be singing ‘Wreck Them All!’

-There will be a ‘Second World War’ and ‘Tudor’ Bake off coming soon!

– In Churchill’s special, there will be a sketch called ‘Diary of a Winston Kid’, which tells the story of Churchill’s eely life, and how he got shot at and the bullet went through his hat!

– At the end of the Series there will be 3 specials: A songs special, a Rulers special and a ‘Wicked World’ special! (Probably episodes 13, 14 and 15).

-Sanjeev Bhaskar will play Mahatma Gandhi in a hilarious cameo. Possibly in Churchill’s special, but quite possibly in Queen Victoria’s special, as we look at her connections with India.

Boudica Horrible Histories Series 6 Episode 2- Wicked William the Conqueror-41-The Great Saxon Bake Off-Saxon peasant1 Horrible Histories Series 6 Episode 1- Crooked King John and Magna Carta Special- King John song part 1-1