Book Magic: Song & Lyrics

Song from Series 7 Episode 2: Staggering Storytellers, which airs on Monday 11th July at 5PM on CBBC.

Parody of Little Mix’s Black Widow

All the girls writing books knocking at your door.

Know how to tell a story so that you want more.


Was a time when only misters

Wrote books but now the sisters

Have started doing it for themselves.


We were told cooking’s all we could do

So we invented a magic stew

Of books that are flying off the shelves.


The girls were always looked upon as being weaker.

Don’t say that to Hetty Feather or Tracy Beaker!


Why do people so love stories?

‘Cos from cradle to the grave

These stories help us work out

How we should behave.

Ooooh oooh oooh oooh

We adore our magic-hey!


Girls and boys always kept the light on

Had to finish every Enid Blyton-

700 books in 50 years!


Helped to grow the story habit

Even when told by a rabbit,

Listen to my stories-you’re all ears.


Secret Seven, Famous Five

Always caught the crook.

Noughts and Crosses was no game,

At least not in my book!


Who do people so love stories?

You all want to be that sleuth!

These stories may be lies but,

They’re how we learn the truth.

Ooooh oooh oooh oooh

Even Peter Rabbit-hey!


All the girls in the books knocking at the door.

It’s not just about the boys no more.

Everybody loves a hero, true,

But a hero, can be a she-ro too!


Why do people so love stories?

Mother, father, child or friend

‘Cos they bring us close together,

Hope the story never ends.

Ooooh oooh oooh oooh

‘Cos it’s really magic-hey!


Why do people so love stories?

We just hope you’ve seen our text

Everybody wants to know

What happens next?