Series 7 Specials 1: Sensational Shakespeare



Horrible Histories Series 7 Episode 1-Sensational Shakespeare


Horrible Histories is back on CBBC, with a special episode delving in to the life and times of the world’s most famous writer. Tom Stourton stars as the Bard, as we find out about his humble beginnings, his glove-making father and his early life as an actor. How did he climb to become a royal favourite? And what was it like to be in the audience of one of his plays, where fruit was thrown at the stage, it was illegal for women to act, and there were no toilets?

Packed with laughs, facts and quizzes, the show ends with a song featuring every one of his plays. The episode has a special guest appearance from Miles Jupp. Horrible Histories is Lion TV Production for CBBC


Tuesday 19th April 2016


Horrible Histories Series 7 Episode 1-Sensational Shakespeare-1-Title screen

Oh Yea! Magazine: A look at Shakespeare’s unknown early life, glove-making father and loyal wife prove to be quite boring!

Considering a change from actor to writer, Shakespeare attempts to get some advice from some of the writer’s down at the pub, only to be mocked.

H! News: A look at the top 3 forms of entertainment in the Tudor era leave Shakespeare’s plays just beaten by ‘Jackanapes’.

A young Tudor man seeks a job as an actor in one of Shakespeare’s plays, however he learns he has to start at the bottom…literally! (PART 1)

A young Tudor man, Francis, sing with glee when his beloved Catherine accepts marriage. Being in a Tudor street, however, he ends up singing (and getting covered in) urine!

Let’s Talk About Theatre: A shocked presenter discovers the state of Tudor theatres as well as finding out the inspiration behind Romeo and Juliet-Romeus and Juliet!

SONG: The Writer’s In the Pub: Ben Johnson, Christopher ‘Kit’ Marlow and Gabriel Spencer are the writer’s in the pub who love to drink, kill and get arrested. Shakespeare, however, prefers to focus on his writing and finance more, but it’ll be him who ends up with success!

A Tudor Doctor advertises the importance of NOT eating your five-a-day.

A Tudor man who seeks the job as an actor in Shakespeare’s plays is disappointed with the young woman he’s playing (PART 2).

Horrible Histories Horticultural Society Garden Show in the time of William Shakespeare (or HHHSGSITTOWS): Taking a look at the best Tudor gardening methods to keep pests away and the finding out why the Ottoman ‘Head’ Gardener is called so.

Historical Desktops: The Bard quickly comes up with a play for King James I, to earn the title of ‘The King’s Men’.

A Tudor man who had been seeking for a suitable job as an actor in one of Shakespeare’s plays has finally been granted a part, what he fears however is the awfully realistic bear noises the other ‘actor’ is making (PART 3).

Escape to the Historical Country: Shakespeare and Anne are looking for a home, but things soon get in the way.

Shakespeare and his wife go to their local market, but are soon interrupted when people start quoting him.

Horrible Publishing: Shakespeare attempts to get his work published in a slightly different format, however it seems everything of his original ideas has been used.

SONG: The Plays What I’ve Written: Shakespeare and the writer’s take the stage and rock on in a smashing song listing every single one of Shakespeare’s plays!


The Writer’s in the Pub

The Plays What I’ve Written


Please ignore ‘Series 7 Episode 1‘. Now referred to as ‘Series 7 Sensational Shakespeare’.