Series 6 Episode 8



Gorgeous George III


“King George III goes from a young unpopular king to a much-loved figure some 60 years later, and we learn a bit about his court life along the way. Meanwhile, across the world we hear about some of the words we have got from India, and the Battles of the Day team give their unique insight into the American Revolution.”


Monday 6th July 2015


Horrible Histories Series 6 Episode 8-Gorgeous George III-1-Title screen

Young George believes he’s more popular than ever, but his poor servant gets the brunt of the attempts on the King’s life

Promotion for Clara the Rhino on tour has the world thrilled with this new species

George bores his family to insanity, leaving some rather marrying a stranger!

Words We Get From: India

Battle of the Day: Patriots vs Loyalists. The Americans are revolting against the English, wanting their land back to themselves-ironically successful with their army of farmers!

Dinner etiquette with George is determined by his guests’ role of importance-but they’d better be quick!

Historical Clinic: a Georgian doctor’s idea of curing acne isn’t good as it sounds (And it doesn’t sound very good either!)

SONG: Court Life: George sings about his weird and wonderful ways, all in his Court Life

Historical Countryfile: George tends to his royal farm

Historical Catwalk: The Georgian Men Final, where -you guessed it- two Georgian men battle it out (parody of Project Catwalk)

HHTV News: The Prince Regent’s undermining of the throne seems to be not as exciting as watching the King jump around being a kangaroo

Chatty Death: George III talks about his long, yet mad life


Court Life (Parody of Park Life by Blur)


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