Series 6 Episode 6



Horrid Henry VIII


“We meet the young Henry as he struggles with his boring dad Henry VII, before becoming King himself, and going through wives like most people go through toothbrushes! Meanwhile across the world we meet the great Ottoman leader Suleiman the Magnificent in Turkey, and the mad, bad, and very dangerous to know Emperor Zhengde in China.”


Monday 22nd June 2015


Horrible Histories Series 6 Episode 6-Horrid Henry VIII-1-Title Screen

Dull Dad: The Bore of the Roses. Henry must learn there’s more to being a King than fighting, but his dad believes otherwise (TV series advertisement)

HHTV Sport: Henry VIII shows off what he can do in sport, before getting ready for the incredibly (not) thrilling wood-sawing contest

Henry returns from France with a small victory, only to find his wife, Catherine of Aragon has defeated his no. 1 enemy, the Scots, and his guard doesn’t help brighten his outshined mood

History’s Craziest Fools: Emperor Zhengde. The crazy Chinese emperor almost gets killed in an explosion, torn to pieces by a tiger and drowned-All of which are his fault! Ironic his actual death isn’t that mad

An Evening with Cardinal Wolsey: The secrets to my success. Wolsey reveals the two secrets to his success, but is soon disturbed when Henry’s lady in waiting, is sick of waiting for a divorce- chop chop Wolsey!

Song: A Little more Reformation please. Henry rocks on about the English Reformation

Suleiman the Magnificent sets his children an unusual task to succeed him, which doesn’t fill them with joy

My Big Fat Tudor Wedding: Cromwell convinces Henry to marry Anne of Cleves, but they couple soon regret it after marriage

Historical Clinic: A Tudor doctor’s idea of treating the lurgy on a modern patient turns out less than comforting

Chatty Death: Henry talks about his reign, and his young athletic years, only to be disgusted by the talk of his food and wives!


A Little more Reformation please (parody of “A Little Less Conversation” by Elvis Presley)


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