Series 6 Episode 7



Crafty Cleopatra


A special episode of the historical sketch show about the great Egyptian queen Cleopatra, starring Kathryn Drysdale. We meet Cleo as she clashes with her brother, seizes power and hooks up with great Roman leaders Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. Meanwhile, across the world, we catch up with the thoughts of famous Chinese philosopher Confucius and encounter the less glamorous side of life in Rome. With, of course, our host Rattus to guide the way!


Monday 29th July 2015


The Egyptians: Cleopatra marries her dad until he dies, and then her annoying little brother (TV series advertisement)

History’s Craziest Fools: Ptolemy XIII: Some brothers can hate their sisters, but Ptolemy declares civil war on his sister!

Historical Mastermind: Clever Cleo takes on the ‘Everything’ category

Caesar seems unable to get a grip on the floors of Cleo’s palace

Egyptian One Born Every Minute: Cleopatra gives birth, with strange Egyptian and Roman customs (parody of One Born Every Minute)

Confucius has some strange sayings which are even more popular with a few funnier changes! Preview of ‘Confucius: Confuciusly Confusing!’ DVD

What CLEO did next: Cleo’s marriage with Caesar continues, until he drops dead-soon to be replaced by Mark Anthony (parody of What Katie Did Next)

One man goes collecting wee, and soon finds out why not to collect it in the slums!

Two Brits barter with a cow-based money system

Octavian eventually convinces his men they must go to war against Mark Antony-even if it’s for the most ridiculous reason!

SONG: I Can’t go on!: Cleo sings about her troubles keeping the throne, from Octavian, and her plot only fools her helpless husband!

Chatty Death: Cleo talks about her clever, ravishing legacy – as well as the deaths she experienced


Cleopatra Cleopatra

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