Series 6 Episode 15




“A special episode of the historical sketch show, featuring all your favourite songs from the series! Sing along with King Alfred about his burnt cakes, or with Henry VIII about his love of reformation – or get down Norman-style with William the Conqueror. With of course, our host Rattus to guide the way!


Monday 24th August 2015


A complication of songs from the Series, mixed with some Quiz Questions, and Rattus’ attempts to become a pop star with his album ‘Sewertown Funk’.

A little more Reformation (S06E05)

I never burnt the cakes (S06E02)

King Alfred’s Quiz Question

Wreck Them All (S06E09)

Norman Style (S06E03)

William the Conqueror’s Quiz Question

The Trial of Mary, Queen of Scots (S06E04)

Queen Cleopatra’s Quiz Question

I can’t go on! (S06E07)

Magna Carta 800 Years Song (S06E01)


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